Shake Weight Roll Review

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About Shake Weight Roll

Shake Weight Roll is an exercise system that claims to let you work out your entire body with muscle shredding and circuit training. The roller promises to combine the upper body workout of push up bars, abs wheels, and dumbbells to give you a complete workout with 11 moves in just 11 minutes each session.


How does it work

The secret of Shake Weight Roll is declared to be in its patent-pending design. The wide wheel base of Shake Weight Roll emphasizes that the exerciser can do singlehanded or double-handed power moves. Its resistance rollers state to add resistance in both directions. Shake Weight Roll features 11 power moves for 11 minutes along with powerful shakes. With these shakes Shake Weight Roll convinces to use short but intense bursts to fire up the muscles of the arms, chest, and shoulders up to 240 times per minute. The torso shake of Shake Weight Roll asserts to shred your abs just as intensively.


11 moves and 11 minutes to ripped body

If you are too busy to exercise for a ripped body, the innovative workout system Shake Weight Roll states that lack of time will no longer be an excuse. Shake Weight Roll proclaims to let you get a ripped body by dedicating just 11 minutes each day and indulging in its 11 unique moves. Shake Weight Roll claims to use resistance rollers for power moves and intense shakes to give you the most effective workout in shortest time possible. Shake Weight Roll declare to work on your entire body in just about 11 minutes.

Anywhere and anytime workout

Shake Weight Roll guarantees to give you workout anywhere and anytime and gives the user power moves in 360 degrees to give a complete upper body workout. Shake Weight Roll fires stabilizing muscles in every direction and gives dynamic resistance every time it is rolled or shaken for a workout. Shake Weight Roll convinces to work on the user’s entire upper body starting with a single-handed roll and graduating to double-handed rolls like the torso roll and zeroing in on the obliques. The short and intense bursts of shakes of Shake Weight Roll claim to work not just on your chest, arms, oblique’s, shoulders, and abs. Shake Weight Roll proclaims to be durable and compact so that it can be used anywhere in the house or even on travels.

What do I get?

You get Shake Weight Roll and inflatable stability pad and circuit training dvd for $39.95 plus S&H.Official website

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