Rock Gym 2

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What is Rock Gym 2?
Rock Gym 2 is an ab sculpting machine that you can use at home to sculpt your abs. The Rock Gym 2 gives you a powerful yet simple, fun, safe and effective workout. Rock Gym 2 so versatile, allowing you to perform supported sit-ups, push-ups, strength training, leg training, body stretching and various resistance cable exercises, making it perfect for circuit-training.


Rock Gym 2 Features

The Rock Gym 2 features a Dynamic Support System scientifically designed to place you in the ideal crunch position, adding resistance on your way down and providing support on your way up. This motion will give you the resistance you need to tone your midsection, while delivering the support you need to do longer more reps. The dynamic support system includes 9 soft, comfortable cushions designed to make you feel like they’re massaging and supporting your back while you workout.

The high tension spring system provides resistance on the way down, and on the way up. Rock Gym also offers a protective coil for maximum safety. With the Rock Gym you can easily do hundreds of crunches or sit-ups.

Rock Gym 2 claims to be Versatile – Rock Gym also gets you off the floor doing perfect push-ups every time. The two resistance power cords lets you customize your upper body workout and sculpt your arms, chest and back.

Simply adjust the Rock Gym into a bench in various angles to perform free weight dumbbell exercises to increase your biceps and chest muscles.


Great for all fitness levels – The Rock Gym 2 is great for all fitness levels. Use the Rock Gym 2 to sculpt your entire mid-section: lower abs, upper abs, obliques, even your lower back. You will feel like its massaging and supporting your back while you are rocking your abs into shape. Order the Rock Gym 2 today!


What do I get?

  • Rock Gym 2
  • 14-Day Eating Guide to get you on track to a healthy
  • Exercise chart
  • High intensity level resistance band

Price: £89.99 at

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