Rip 60 Reviews and Complaints

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Are you looking for an efficient workout; a workout that actually works? Get the power of rip:60! The new rip:60 is the efficient old fashioned way of working out and that’s the reason it works! The cold truth is that there’s no magic to getting a great body; you just need to get off the couch and get the work done!


How does Rip60 work?
rip:60 gives you a total-body transformation in less time than any other training device! The rip:60 includes revolutionary rotating straps, twelve workout DVDs and a nutrition guide and the workout program combines the most advanced knowledge to deliver unbeatable results in just 60 days.!

Run faster, jump higher and get stronger with Georges St. Pierre in his workout DVD. You’ll learn signature moves that deliver extreme muscle explosion for unbelievable results! Burn fat, lose weight and stay motivated with Jillian Michaels in her workout DVD.

With rip:60, there is an optimization zone; simply move your feet and change your angle to do more. This allows you to adjust your workout load without slowing your heart rate or losing form, which results in maximum muscle activation for more caloric burn and better results. It’s in those last few reps that your body undergoes a dramatic transformation. The unique design of rip:60 is perfect for users of all levels.

It adjusts with every movement so you get the workout you want. It hooks securely on any door, fence, tree or playground bar. It’s made of aircraft-quality aluminum and heavy-duty nylon with comfortable hand and ankle straps. This system holds up to 600 lbs. and is durable.

Rip 60 Frequently Asked Questions

Can Rip 60 be used in the house?
Yes you can easily do that by securing it to the door; you need to make sure the straps are pulling the door closed. They should also appear on the opposite side of door hinges. You also get a ceiling mount, which can be used by mounting the stud in the ceiling and connecting the straps to the mount.

What can you connect Rip 60 to?
From a tree to a playground set, fence to basketball hoop, you can attach it to several objects. Overhead bars and beams can also be used to support your weight. You can use your creativity when securing the straps. It’s versatile to be used indoors and outdoors.

Do I need to be in a certain physical condition to use Rip 60?
Since it has an optimization zone people with varying fitness levels can use it. During workouts your body forces you to quit but in this case you can simply move your feet and change the angle so that you can continue without changing form.

What’s the required equipment?
You need Rip 60 straps, a place where straps can be secured, workout DVDs and an access to TV and DVD player.

Can workouts be done without DVDs?
Several settings can be used for these workouts and when you have gotten a hang of the exercises you can put together your own Rip 60 workout with reps of your chosen exercises.

What are the space requirements?
A space of 6 feet by 8 feet is required. And it has to be secured from at least 7 feet height. But you can vary these measurements slightly based on your height and motion range.

What are the exercises one can perform?
With Rip 60 you get the weight loss benefits of cardio exercises as well as the power activating advantages of strength training exercises.

What are the results one can get?
With Rip 60 you can transform your body within 60 minutes a day for about 60 days. You can lose weight, boost your muscles and improve flexibility, endurance and power.

Is the nutrition plan mandatory?
The Rip 60 Nutrition Guide has been designed to give you optimum results. It gives you the right nutrition through your eight week workout so that your performance is enhanced. It might not necessary but it can bring you good results.

What does the Rip 60 package include?
The complete Rip 60 Trainer includes the Rip 60 Straps, 8 workout DVDs, 4 bonus workout DVDs, a 60-day nutrition guide, wall chart exercise guide and travelling bag.

Why is Rip 60 different from TRX system?
For starters there’s the suspended rotation, which forces your body to stabilize and balance. It thus engages more muscles and targets your core when you work out. It also engages the nervous system and allows your muscles to work in tandem so that you get better results.

What’s Rip 60 made of?
Commercial grade nylon straps and soft non-slip handles are used in construction. Aircraft-grade Aluminium forms the rotational device that gives you maximum range of motion.

Is there a weight limit for users?
The maximum weight is 300 lbs and although higher weights can be accommodated, it voids the warranty.

Who is Jeremy Strom?
The creator of Rip 60 has been training top fitness trainers in the world innovative techniques to improve results. With the global resources and his own knowledge about fitness Jeremy came up with Rip 60, a revolutionary program in the fitness industry.

Rip:60 Reviews And Complaints

Although the workout can have its benefits there are several complications with using this product on a regular basis. The mounting space that the system needs can be tricky to find and you might not have the kind of door required. The ceiling mount is a better bet or you can be better off using an eye bolt, which will work out to be lot cheaper too. If you manage to mount it well then the product can be of help.

Another problem with this workout regime is that it can be quite tough and certainly not for everyone. Even professional athletes can struggle to complete the exercises, so lesser mortals can be excused. You are also not told initially that you will need to buy a kettle ball into five weeks of the program. That’s a bit underhand and uncalled for.

While the menu guide is comprehensive it doesn’t have a grocery list, which is disappointing because you need to start on it from scratch. You don’t notice a massive difference between this product and the TRX system because the straps don’t slide easily.

The DVDs you find here leave a lot to be desired, especially the one for the fourth week, which is a recovery week. It has long drawn out regime, which can be excruciatingly boring. The movements in this program alternate with cardio, that’s done in 60 seconds bursts. It means your heart rate stays elevated throughout the workout.

While the handles in this product work fine, the central metal piece is large and cannot be thrown in a backpack. It might be a good idea to try and use this product for working out at home, however you might struggle if you want to use it when travelling or outdoors. Also if you weigh more than 200lbs it can pose problems.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • Week 1: Wake Up Your Body
  • Week 2: Hyper Burn
  • Week 3: Turn and Burn
  • Week 4: Recharge
  • Week 5: Build it up
  • Week 6: Power and Strength
  • Week 7: Pedal to the Metal
  • Week 8: The Peak
  • Jillian Michaels Workout DVD
  • Georges St. Pierre Workout DVD
  • rip:60 Power Yoga Workout DVD
  • rip:60 for Runners Workout DVD
  • 60-Day Nutrition Guide
  • Wall Chart Exercise Guide
  • Travel Bag
  • All this for $119.97. Official Offer.



Reviews and Complaints
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