Richard Simmons Project Hope Review

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Many of us are trying to lose weight and get into the shape of their lives. And that’s the way it should be, especially because we know that extra pounds can not only affect your appearance but your overall health as well. However the problem with many weight loss programs you find is that they don’t always bear results while others are quite difficult to follow. You want something that brings you sensational results at the same time you won’t be struggling with your routine every day of your life. If that’s what you are looking for as well then Richard Simmons Hope project might just be the right option for you.

How does Richard Simmons Project Hope Work

Richard Simmons Hope project comes from one of the most renowned fitness expert in the world. Richard has already helped many achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, and already has a huge reputation in the industry. Thus when you look at Richard Simmons Hope project you know that it comes from a trusted source that can help you burn calories and lose weight before you know it. And you won’t be putting your body through any drastic measures to get the results you are looking for.

Richard Simmons Hope is a brilliant, well rounded fitness program for beginners and experts alike. It brings to you 9 all new workouts that will ensure that your body is transformed in about 90 days. That’s just one of the many highlights of the program, which helps you sculpt and strengthen your body beautifully. Richard Simmons Hope also gets you into the triple training method, which is responsible for you burning calories just like you’d want to.

The path breaking electronic Foodmover is another highpoint of Richard Simmons Hope and has its many advantages for you. Little wonder then that Richard Simmons Hope project lets you burn fat more than three times faster than your regular cardio. Thus you will start losing weight and get into great shape too. What’s more, the workout is fun and you won’t be getting bored or de-motivated as the results start coming.



What do I get?

Richard Simmons Project HOPE Deluxe Package. Price: $59.98 + $12.99 S/h.

  • Electronic FOODMOVER
  • FOODMOVER Pocket Guide
  • Success Guide
  • 90-Day Rotation Calendars
  • 7-Day BLAST OFF Meal Program
  • One Month Web Club Membership
  • 7-Day V24PLUS Multivitamin
  • 9 Life-Changing Workouts on 3 DVDs. 150 minutes of fun and effective workouts

Richard Simmons Project HOPE ULIMATE Package. Price: $99.99 + $12.99 S/h.

  • Entire Richard Simmons DELUXE Project Hope Kit
  • Pair of 3 lb Dumbbells
  • Pair of 5 lb Dumbbells
  • Let’s Dance DVD

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