Rev360 Spin Dance Shoe Review

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What is Rev360? – It is a fitness program comprising spin dance shoes and DVDs for total body workout.

The revolutionary way to have fun shaping up and dancing

Rev360 claims to be a revolution in dance workout that makes getting in shape fun and effective. Rev360 seems to be made for all those who have a passion for dancing as well as for keeping fit. It is being presented as the most happening dance fitness program that’s fun as well as result-oriented. You get workout shoes with a set of DVDs and a special feature to carry out highly effective workout right at home.

The special feature- the patented spin disc at the base

Rev360 are innovative dance shoes that feature spin disc at the bottom. These are premium dance shoes that spin and apparently enable you to perform challenging exercise moves and maneuvers effortlessly as the spin disc rotates 360 degrees. You are guaranteed a thrilling and super-exciting experience as the spin discs make it possible for you to perform even the intricate spins and twists with the freedom of motion as the DVDs offer step by step workout guide.

A whole lot of spin exercises made fun and easy

Once you choose Rev360 you are promised that you can carry out scores of challenging exercises such as twist-its, rev-kicks, pivot press, scorpion and other exercises that need you to twist and spin easily and spontaneously.

Total body workout

Focusing on any one area isn’t the right way to exercise; what you need is total body workout. Rev360 claims that it offers you the perfect total body workout from ground up courtesy the spin discs at the base which get into action and make your whole body move.

Low impact and yet challenging exercises

The makers of Rev360 go all out to convince you that this program helps you perform low impact exercises, which means you don’t strain your muscles and stay protected from injuries. At the same time you don’t miss out on the benefits of challenging workout. You will acquire fantastic shape and keep fit by opting for Rev360.


What do I get?

  • Rev360 Spin Dance Shoes
  • 5 DVDs

All this for just $99.99 plus $14.99 s&p. Official website:

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