PushUp Pump Review

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If you are into fitness and understand the importance of a good workout routine, you know that pushups are an integral part of your regime. But they can be tricky at best of times and cause a strain on your back. Moreover you are likely to feel fatigued, which is why many tend to give up on them easily. Thankfully PushUp Pump turns hard pushups into almost a cakewalk for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts alike. Now all you need to do is spend 5 minutes a day on PushUp Pump to get a complete body workout and get into the shape you want to be.


How does PushUp Pump work?
PushUp Pump gives you 100 % body support and also supports your body weight to about 78 %, which makes your task a lot easier. Now you can do full planks or several repetitions without any difficulty. PushUp Pump facilitates three different hand positions; from upper grip that works for your back and shoulders to inside grip that is beneficial to chest and triceps and outer grip for chest, shoulders and biceps.

There are three resistance cables that are color coded for ease of use. Beginners can start with the red cable that offers light resistance and is ideal for muscle toning while advanced users can opt for all 3 cables that give higher level of resistance and lead to rippling muscles.

PushUp Pump is made of sturdy steel, which is long lasting at the same time it is light weight, which makes it portable and convenient to carry around wherever you go.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Get Pushup Pump for just $99.00. Official website www.PushupPump.com


PushUp Pump Video
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14 thoughts on “PushUp Pump Review

  1. This is the biggest scam that ever came about, I spent close to 70ty dollar ordering the 2 items that was suppose to come with order, $24.95 for the push up pump, and $39.95 including with the ab rocket. The advertisement said your money would be refund, if the product was return, I called for a returnable label, I was told I had to pay to return the equipment that dont work, parts was missing, seat was torn and they refuse to pay for the return shipment. Please let other know what is happening here. It call false advertisement at the buyer expense. Thanks for reading.

  2. I ordered Pushup Pump before 2 weeks before Christmas and awaited a shipping confirmation that was never received. I called and was told it was on back order even though I paid $14.95 for express shipping. She explained that it could be up to 2 months for shipment. After Christmas I made another call and the CS rep was unconcerned and had no information other than possible the 20th of January but nothing definite. If my husband didn’t want this item so bad I would have just cancelled the order.

  3. I ordered the Push Up Pump and and had no issues receiving it as some of you had. I have always had trouble doing pushup, and they were never my favorite exercise, I tried this product, and I can say it has helped me perform pushups. However, the base of the product is too small. As I am doing pushups the whole unit tips forward and becomes unstable. In fact if you even watch the DVD that comes with this product you could see it somewhat tip forward. If they made that part of the base longer, this would be a good product. It seems as though they skimped on that part of the unit.

    Please, let us all understand there is no magical product on the market that will make us look like the models on the website. It takes hard work and dedication and this product could help anyone that actually uses the unit.

  4. While a good idea, the PushUp Pump is more related to training “push” type exercises such as for the triceps, shoulders, and pecs. Very little training on the biceps, lats, or spinal muscles can be done by doing push exercises. I think it may be good for some general fitness, but guaranteed, a five minute workout won’t do it.

  5. I have been waiting on my push up pump since Feb. All I’m getting are postcards promising ship dates. I was supposed to have received mine by the 26th of this month. All I got today was another postcard telling me to expect them to ship by April 26th!!! I mean come on now what is the deal. I probably could have went to Wal-Mart and found it. Geez!!!

  6. Its been constantly on back order, since Oct…..they tell me know I have to re-order, after calling them and telling them I wanted the Push-Up Pump, ….I guess there was a lack of communication, among the workers, or worker. Could it be a order from China, coming by Pony Express?

  7. The Push up pump, is constantly on back order, its been three months, and now they tell me I have to re-order, I guess China, is sending the Push up Pump, by pony express.

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