Pushup Press Review

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If you have been working out for a while now, you’d want to see results that you hoped for. From ripped muscles, massive chest, broad shoulders, washboard abs and bulging biceps, you want it all. But is your regular workout not showing you these desired results? In that case you will need a routine that will give you that something extra, which will fire new muscles and show sensational results.


Pushup Press
Pushup Press is that something extra for you so that you can get explosive arms, solid chest and abs and broad shoulders. Ripped muscles that you always wanted will not be a distant dream any more.

Pushup Press is an intense upper body sculpting machine that makes it easier for you to get outstanding results by taking your workout to a whole new level. It targets your shoulders, arms, abs and chest; so that you get phenomenal benefits at the same time it will fire new muscles too. With Pushup Press you can combine the benefits of a powerful bench press and the motion of chest fly for maximum results. And all this with the help of this all in one, easy to use machine that lets you push up and press with maximum muscle contraction.

Pushup Press has power cords that apply lateral resistance, which is the reason your muscles get more ripped than ever before. Pushup Press can be used by beginners who want to build muscles at the same time it can be used by experts to do more advanced exercises like one arm lock off.

The close grip pushups will help fire new muscles as well and you will see results that you want to. Moreover you can also change angles and switch positions, which will allow you to target new muscles and get the perfectly sculpted body you always wanted.



What do I get?
Your offer includes

  • Pushup Press unit
  • 2 lateral power cords
  • 2 core express gliders

You can get all this when you buy Pushup Press for two easy installments of $19.99 plus processing and handling charge at www.pushuppress.com. What’s more, you also get 2 double-resistance Extreme Power Cords with your offer.



Pushup Press Video


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  1. Review Pushup Press

    Does Pushup Press live up to its claims?

    How long does it take for you to start seeing results?

    Is Pushup Press easy to use?

    Does Pushup Press show results for beginners and experts alike?

    Are the exercises done using Pushup Press easy to follow?

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