ProUnit Performance Trainer Review

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Health consciousness is a very important part of life and if you are one such enlightened individual but still cannot maintain a regular regime at the gym due to work or simply can’t afford the costs involved then you are looking for a home solution. Considering different home workout equipments that are available there is hardly one which can be actually effective and they are disadvantageous due to their large size. Now eliminate all the struggles and sculpt a dream body with.

How does ProUnit Performance Trainer Work

ProUnit Performance Trainer. Keeping in mind the amount of space and amount of workout is required to get an amazing body, well known fitness expert and trainer Gary Miller came up with the idea of a 5 in 1 equipment to revolutionize the way workouts are done at home. ProUnit Performance Trainer is portable and comes with a basic foam roller which can be converted into a core trainer, pushup trainer, Ab wheel, stretch strap and as a total body fitness tool with combined weight of 10lbs.

Its idea of losing fat and gaining muscles without getting injured is one main why professional athlete like MarouesColston believes in it and has an ambassador in the face of famous celebrity trainer Steve Jordon.

The foam roller supports the body to stretch and lengthen the muscles pre and post workout to ensure muscle conditioning to perform heavy workouts. It also makes sure that there is no stiff or sore area left post workout helping in a quick recovery of stressed muscles. The handles can convert into an Ab for upper body exercises and can be used for rotations during core training needs applying force in frontal, transverse and saggital planes of motion. Also the rotating push up handles can be used for strengthening the chest, shoulders and arms providing bigger range of motions for extra effectiveness.

Additionally the stretch strap can be used for all types of stretching exercises in no time. With only required training of 3-4 times a week for minimum half an hour ProUnit Performance Trainer is the best training equipment for workouts.



What do I get?
Get the ProUnit Performance Trainer for just $149.85 + $19.95. Official website



ProUnit Performance Trainer Video

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