ProForm 2013 TDF Centennial

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ProForm 2013 TDF Centennial is the official training bike of Le Tour de France, unarguably the most prestigious cycling tour in the world. Powered by Google Maps this bike will be your way to take your performance to a whole new level. It’s a training bike that has a brilliant mix of technology, power and intelligence to take you to the very top.
The engineering element with a 20% incline and decline capability, a power meter that’s built-in and Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) are just some of the highlights of this sensational training bike for you.

How does ProForm 2013 TDF Centennial Work

Explore Google Maps to keep track
Now it’s possible to train on the exact course of the race, from any part of the world, thanks to the iFit interactive technology that lets you make the most of Google Maps Street view. The 7 inch touchscreen display gives you a good view that can be chosen from the 24-premapped courses. You can also create your own with the help of the console browser that’s powered by Android.


Incline and Decline To step up to the challenge
ProForm 2013 TDF Centennial gives you the best training for the exact route of the race chosen with the help of the path breaking 20 per cent incline and decline.


Perform Power Meter
The power meter is a good marker for your cycling ability and lets you keep tabs on the intensity of your training. You get high precision readings because it calibrates the power display and you can train like the professionals do.


SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance
ProForm 2013 TDF Centennial lets you focus on your training by being very quiet thanks to this feature. It’s very unlike those loud cycling training equipment you find.


Some of the other sensational features of ProForm 2013 TDF Centennial include


iFit Technology to the fore
You can literally chart your way around the world by drawing a route on the Android powered browser of the console. It also gives you several other options like looking into the library for workouts based on targets, keep track of your progress automatically, personalize your workout and also compete with friends.

What’s more, by connecting to the wireless network at home you can check your mail, connect with friends on Facebook and watch Sports Highlights as well.


Pre-drawn maps for all stages of 2013 Tour
From Corsica to the tricky mountain rides to Paris, you can ride through all the well known sections of the tour. Or create your own route anywhere in the world with iFit.


Top notch colour display
You can stay on top of things at all times during the workout thanks to the 7 inch full colour display that lets you go through stats and options with a simple swipe of a finger. The easy-to-read display lets you view details like time to speed, distance to heart rate, incline and decline, calories burned without any difficulty.


Actual Tour Stages on HD Video
Get a real tour rider experience while you train with the HD videos shot on actual locations during the 2012 Tour.


Intelligent Wind Resistance
ProForm 2013 TDF Centennial is boosted by smart technology that takes your individual wind profile into account to adjust the resistance of your bike. Your individual key measurements will be taken into consideration to calculate the actual resistance you are likely to face on the road.


30 Configurable Electronic Gears
Customizable gear ratios are used here to ensure that it matches your road bike. There’s a triple front chainring and 10 back derailleurs, which lets you move between 30 gears smoothly.


iPod Compatible Audio with Speakers
Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound System lets you plug your iPod into it and get crystal clear sound with the two 2-inch speakers.


ANT+ Wireless Chest Strap
ProForm 2013 TDF Centennial has built-in heart rate sensors that let you track your workout. Hence you will manage to stay on track and get better results. What’s more, the chest strap is hands free and included in the package.


Saddle and Handlebars can be adjusted
The handlebars are not only non-slip but they have also been ergonomically designed so that you can ride comfortably and for longer. You can also adjust the saddle vertically and horizontally according to your convenience. There’s also the option of using your own pedal and saddle.


ProForm 2013 TDF Centennial comes with a 10 year Frame warranty and there’s also the one year Parts and Labour warranty to look forward to.

As if these brilliant features of ProForm 2013 TDF Centennial were not enough, it also comes packed with different highlights like Dual water bottle holders, front mounted transport wheels, adjustable levelling feet, pedals with toe cages and straps for your riding comfort.

Its commercial grade steel frame makes it so durable and lends to its 350lbs weight capacity.

Now you can train better, faster, smoother and to your complete convenience with ProForm 2013 TDF Centennial.





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2 thoughts on “ProForm 2013 TDF Centennial

  1. Miserable ordering experience. Probably one of the worst I’ve ever experienced. Just had it assembled and can’t login. It’s live on my network, but I can’t get anyone to help me over the phone. So bummed, because I’ve been so excited since I decided to buy the bike.

    • Hello Chad,

      I’m really interested in the above Proform Centennial bike and have been desperately trying to find online reviews, but unbelievably, they (reviews) are quite rare. Can you provide any further information, as to your experience with the bike/ Proform company since then? (Aug 12th). Has it been repaired and if so, how has the bike’s performance been? I would truly appreciate some feedback.


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