Powerfit Review

What is PowerFit?

As depicted in the infomercial PowerFit is a fitness machine that claims to use vibrating plates to engage every muscle in the body thus giving a compete workout. The makers further claim that unlike common vibrating technology which are less effective, PowerFithelps in burning fat and lose weight faster and safely. We usually advice a word of caution in cases of fitness gadgets and tools that promise to give you a strong, slim and sexy body. Soinstead of being swept away by such far-fetched claims we’d rather let the PowerFit reviews speak for itself.


How does PowerFit work?

In today’s health conscious world, the concept of Vibration Plates has become increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts. Tested by NASA and applauded by celebrities, the central thought is that the vibration plates can tone and define muscles faster by using vibration. The other prime reason behind the huge popularity of the vibration plates is that it supposedly reduces workout time by two thirds, which sounds like a boon in disguise especially for those who struggle to fit workouts into already-busy days.

PowerFit claims to be more effective than the ordinary vibration plates. It promises to provide immediate results of a strong, slim and sexy body. The breakthrough oscillation technology used in PowerFit engages all the muscles from the moment you step on it. It ensures maximum acceleration and maximum power to deliver maximum results. This fitness training method promises to change the way you exercise to lose weight. A very lofty claim which certainly needs substantial proof from genuine PowerFitusers and their reviews.

PowerFit makers proclaim that the best results can be obtained when you stand farther from the center so that the power is that much stronger. This happens when the muscles flex and relax to maintain balance on the moving plates. The movements induced are involuntary and make it look like you’re not exerting too much effort. No wonder people all around the world are excited about using vibration plates to lose weight because it seems to require minimal effort.Furthermore, PowerFit alleges to protect joints, bones and muscles during the workout, hence it is great for people of all ages and all fitness levels. Such tall claims of PowerFit does sound rather appealing but does it deliver as promised is a question best left to PowerFit user reviews.

PowerFit promises to burn more fat than many traditional cardio exercises. Moreover the low impact workout through PowerFit protects your bones, joints and muscles as well. It claims to be a great way to relax the body after a long hectic workday and it helps increase blood circulation, ease fatigue and improve your overall energy level. While other vibrating plates are much bulkier and expensive, PowerFit maintains that it is small and practical and hence easy to use, move and store. But proclaiming to be like your very own masseuse at home is something that we can believe only when we analyse PowerFit reviews.

What do I get?

You get Powerfit for $249.70.Official website powerfitplatform.com

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  1. We are in our late 70’s some pain in our knee & ankle I’m 177lbs, my wife 165lbs will the powerfit work for us.
    Thank you for a reply

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