Power Plank Exercise Machine Review

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Killer abs are just that – a killer. The workouts are either pain in the neck or huge pain in the pocket. Stop all those back-breaking gimmicks and fabs that just don’t deliver. Create a new “YOU” by harnessing one of the most powerful techniques of last 2000 years. Introducing the as seen on tv Power Plank – combining the most natural strengthening pose of far-east with reverse crunch and cutting edge technology designed to give you the most incredible “core workout“.

How does Power Plank Exercise Machine work?

The Secret of Power Plank – We have been doing plank position for thousands of years in yoga and this is the machine that ties those two things together – great for the back, core, upper body and also works on the legs and buns. So its really a total body workout just in a few minutes.

Resistance – Based on the traditional Sun Salutation in the yoga the plank pose has time tested benefits including power, flexibility and balance all working together in perfect harmony. The Power Plank is the only workout that gives you the perfect plank positioning. Use any of the 4 resistance levels. Start here if you are a beginner or if you just want to do more reps. Then you can move up to 2 different intermediate level settings. And finally the advanced level lets you get the highest level of resistance on the Power Plank.

How to Exercise on Power Plank – Just choose your resistance settings, then simply lift your legs in a reverse crunch and you are engaged in simple, smart, effective and SAFE core workout. Power Plank is easy to use and takes literally seconds to setup and folds away for easy storage. Use the traditional Plank position to activate your entire abdominal region including your upper abs, lower abs, obliques and back while burning fat in one simple and smooth motion. OR take advantage of exercises that virtually work all other body parts.



What do I get?

  • Power Plank
  • LED Fitness Fast Computer – $35 Value
  • 4 Levels of Resistance
  • Make 1 payment of $119.70 and get Nataila Munteen Exercise DVD For Free.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee



Power Plank Exercise Machine Video
Top Fitness Model and Ms Bikini Universe Natalia Muntean – Featured Fitness Star for Power Plank Ab Machine.


11 thoughts on “Power Plank Exercise Machine Review

  1. Finally recived the power plank with about 5 weeks waiting delivery. You can feel the burn instantly. Use it everyday and will for bout a 3 months because I have a way to go to get where I want to be but with diet and useing this thing I’ve Lost 5 pounds In one week and have 30 more pounds to go. This thing works. I will post updates in one month

  2. I live in CA and ordered in Feb and sorry to say that I gave up on the order 2 days ago so I check tracking today April 8 and it showed that it had shipped. Time will tell. I too was told it was on back order and given the 2-6 week arrival time for them to get them in so I too hope it was worth the wait. I will send words either way after 30 or more days of honest testing.

  3. I also odered my power plank bout month ago have not recieved it but I have called customer service and they told me that they are on back Order due to the high demand and that they would be expecting a shipment late this week hopefully it will be here within a week it. I have heard and read nothing but good bout this product hope it is worth it can’t wait till I recive it. Any input would be appreciated

  4. I ordered this as seen on tv Power Plank Exerciser about a month ago and still not received it. The customer service is TERRIBLE. No answers to my questions and told me to “feel free to cancel it”…I don’t understand how they have a 30 day free trial period when it takes over a month to even ship. I wish I could write a review on the effectiveness of this item – but I cant get past the fact I still haven’t received it!

  5. its not in stores.. I jsut bought one .. its actually 6 payments of 19.95 so its like 119.00 all together.. I cant wait it is definitely worth it .. gotta work on our beach bods come on now! ..

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