Perfect Rip Deck

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What is Perfect Rip Deck?

Perfect Rip Deck is a chest building system that combines two exercises, viz. sliding chest fly and rotating pushup in one.

Work out smart, not hard

Perfect Rip Deck is a chest building equipment that promises to give you a perfectly ripped upper body. It is presented as the perfect successor to the Perfect Pushup as it integrates its original rotating feature and power. Perfect Rip Deck also offers a sliding mechanism that allows you to shift your body weight across several of muscles in the body.

The ultimate way to build chest and fab abs

Perfect Rip Deck is being promoted as the smartest and the best way to acquire a perfectly curved upper body, fab abs and a great muscular look. Apparently Perfect Rip Deck effortlessly combines two exercises- sliding chest fly and rotating pushup in one. It makes performing a whole lot of exercises such as body weight fly, forearm fly, punch ups and other workouts easy with just simple modifications to the track and pushup gear.


Intelligent mechanism and design

Perfect Rip Deck is made of heavy duty steel and introduces a number of features like pushup stands that rotate 360 degrees, facility to adjust range of motion with safety stop and more. It also shows how its parts, including easy-pull pins, enable you to work out for fantastic results. It also has removable pushup stands that allow you to perform exercises well. Its sliding track allows great flexibility and allows you to stimulate chest

A pro at exercising

The manufacturers of Perfect Rip Deck state that it is constructed to take your chest work out to the extreme and build it like nothing else can. Perfect Rip Deck claims to be a pro at getting you to exercise the way like nothing else can. It has features like the unique deck rotates to that work engage more muscle in your arms and chest plus it adds lateral to rip muscle fiber.


Easy to store too

Perfect Rip Deck is easy to store as it fits under the bed or just about anywhere.


What do I get?
Get Perfect Rip Deck for $59.9
Official website



Perfect Rip Deck video

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