PeakFit Challenge Review

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If you want to lose weight and get lean, then you have to start a workout that burns calories fast. The PeakFit Challenge helps you burn calories even after you finish your workout. The new PeakFit Challenge workout is a revolutionary program that will enable you to burn more calories faster. It is the definite way to a sizzling hot body.


How does PeakFit Challenge work?
The PeakFit Challenge program was created by Michelle Dozois. Michelle Dozois is a world aerobic champion who has been helping people lose weight and get fit for over 15 years. The metabolic interval circuit training program that she has used successfully in her southern California gym is now available for the first time for you at home.

With this workout program, you can now live in a body that not only looks but feels great too. This all new calorie burning workout uses carefully calibrated interval climbs of bearing intensity from base camps upto peak to intensify your metabolism until it is burning more calories even after you work out.

Michelle will push you to the limit through a combination of strength training and cardio sequences. With the PeakFit Challenge, you can turn your body into a fat burning machine in as little as 8 weeks.

PeakFit Challenge’s interval training sequences makes it a unique and very effective workout. It is an 8-week program that is designed to boost your metabolism to maximize your calorie burning capacity so that you will lose weight and get PeakFit.

The workouts are designed using four training levels:

  • Base Camp Level 1 – Base Camp is the lowest-intensity portion and recovery stage.
  • Ascent Level 2 – Ascent starts the climbing period, transitioning quickly from Base Camp to a level that is faster and more intense. Here your heart is raised; you burn fat, and increase your lean muscle.
  • Climb Level 3 – The Climb makes the body work even harder with higher-intensity movements that require greater speed, strength, and endurance. This challenging phase is significant to burning fat.
  • Peak Level 4 – The Peak is a maximum-intensity effort designed to beat all limits.

The program takes you from Base Camp to Ascent, to The Climb, to The Peak, and back down again several times. This is how you will shock your metabolism, build lean muscle and burn fat.

In addition to dumbbells, you’ will also be using the specially designed PeakFit Challenge Band to fire up your muscles from all angles. This resistance band features comfort grips that are longer and thicker than traditional bands and will help you get the most out of your strength training.

The PeakFit Challenge Meal Plan works in tandem with the PeakFit Challenge workouts to get your body into shape. The Starting Strong (Week 1) meal plan immerses your body and your metabolism in a “ready to change” mode. The Reach Your Peak (Weeks 2–10) meal plan helps you set goals, creates healthy habits, and helps you to eat clean and lean. The nutrition guide lays everything out for you in easy-to-follow recipes, menus, and instructions.

With PeakFit Challenge, you can now tone up and get into the shape you always wanted.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • DVD 1: Intro & Fit Test – Your starting point for fitness. Perform these 10 exercises now, and again after 8 weeks…we guarantee your new numbers will blow the old ones out of the water!
  • DVD 2: Pure Strength 1 – Boost your metabolism while creating stronger, more sculpted muscles with this “base camp” workout that targets specific areas of the body.
  • DVD 3: Pure Strength 2 – Take your total body strength up to the next level as you pump up your metabolism even more and prep your body for the cardio workouts.
  • DVD 4: Pure Cardio – Calorie burning at its best! Get ready to sweat, have fun, and shed the pounds!
  • DVD 5: Cardio Interval Burn – The most intense workout in the series. Are you ready to discover how far you can go? Let’s hit it!
  • DVD 6: Cardio Strength 1 – Get serious about changing your body’s metabolism with Michelle’s combination of resistance and cardio.
  • DVD 7: Cardio Strength 2 – Shake things up with the innovative new movement patterns and full-out intensity peaks of this resistance and cardio workout.
  • DVD 8: Dynamic Flexibility – Are you ready for 30 minutes of feel-good time? Grab your PeakFit Challenge Band and get deep into those muscles for a fabulous full-body stretch.
  • DVD 9: Core Dynamics – Nearly every movement you make involves, or originates from, your core. This workout will strengthen and sculpt your abs and back so you can get the most of your workouts—and your everyday life.
  • DVD 10: Anywhere, Anytime, No Excuse Workout – Think you won’t have time to exercise during your next vacation or business trip? Think again! This condensed, high-intensity workout will keep you at the top of your game, no matter where you are. Includes a handy pull-out sheet to take with you.
  • PeakFit Challenge Band – Specially designed to challenge your muscles from all angles, this band—with comfort grips—let’s you mix things up and get the most out of your strength training, so you can trim away those inches and get ripped faster.
  • Nutrition Guide – Your complete guide to achieving your weight loss goal. Includes shopping lists, recipes, menus, food replacement options, and more!
  • PeakFit Challenge Rotational Calendar – Track your progress with this 8-week no-plateau workout calendar.
  • Fit Test Card – Written proof of your success. You’ll be amazed by how much you’ve accomplished!
  • Free Tape Measure – Another great tool to track your body’s transformation to its peak condition.
  • 1- Year Online Club Membership Coming Soon – A full year of exclusive access to additional workouts, nutrition advice, and motivational tips from Michelle and Phil—plus much more!

All this for just $89.85 + $19.95 shipping and handling. Official website –



Reviews and Complaints
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4 thoughts on “PeakFit Challenge Review

  1. I have only been using the Peak Fit system for a week but I have had the best workout ever. If you area beginner take it slow. I have been soar the whole week and burn so may calories doing every DVD. Even the ab workout was awesome. Great program

  2. I just purchased this program today. Paid all at once for expedited delivery. We will see how fast it arrives. Looking forward to “The Challenge”. Sounds like you need to have additional dumbbells that I already have. Insanity doesn’t require any extra equipment from what I understand. My niece just started that and she says she feels great after just 4 days. VERY high intensity in both cases.

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