OrbiTrek X2 Review

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Would you like to lose the extra fat on your body? You would probably be suggested to join a gym nearby and burn it out keeping a balanced diet together. But the gym can be a costly affair and at the same time maintaining a schedule everyday at specified gym timing is not possible. You would end up paying enormous fees and keep missing the gym till you fed up of trying. What if you could setup your small fat-busting gym right at home for use at any given time? Well it’s possible with the new OrbiTrek X2, the perfect gym machine to burn body fat at home.


OrbiTrek X2
OrbiTrek X2 is the latest machine for the workout loving people which give 2-in-1 workout by combining a stepper and elliptical cross trainer in one. Elliptical cross training has become an integral part of gyms for years since it provides the best lower body toning and fat reduction like no other machine can. Also steppers are used for firmness and provide intense cardio exercise is another useful machine used in the gyms. The problem is either of individual machines takes lots of space and can also be costly. OrbiTrek X2 has brought both of these machines in one. The easy switches on the panel can covert OrbiTrek X2 from elliptical to stepper quickly. The multi-function monitor on it provides measure for time taken, calories, distance, count and speed indications. Also it is so compact in size that it can be rolled in closet for easy storage.

OrbiTrek X2 is available at a very low price in comparison with other competitive products or even the cost of a gym membership. For a limited time offer, It comes with a 3 DVD workout program for references. The DVDs are created by the leading gymnast Rosalie Brown and contains Fat Blasting Cardio, Slim’n Sculpt and Latona’s Bikini Shaper to help get a dream body for free. The bonus also includes a “6 Weeks to a New You” eating and food guide chart and an instruction manual for reference. Last but not the least the offer also provides a free Motivational Tracking Package which contains charts, tape and a weight and body mass index weighing machine. OrbiTrek X2 is so effective that it claims the users would drop atleast two pant sizes in just 30 days or they get their money back without any questions asked.



What do I get?

  • Orbitrek X2 unit w/Eliptical & Stepper functions
  • Workout DVD w/3 programs
  • Rosalie Brown’s Fat Blasting Cardio
  • Rosalie’s Slim’n Sculpt
  • Amanda Latona’s Bikini Shaper
  • 1 x “6 Weeks to a New You” eating and food guide
  • 1 x Instructional manual
  • 1 x Color mode change chart
  • Price – $299.70 CAD. Official website www.Thane.ca. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee less shipping & handling. 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Delivery in 3 – 4 weeks.



    OrbiTrek X2 Video


    3 thoughts on “OrbiTrek X2 Review

    1. How can I buy the Orbitrek X2!!!!! I live in Riverside California and I hope that you will call me ASAP at 951-682-1196 to let me know how I can buy the Orbitrek X2!!!

    2. I am interested in the OrbiTrek x2, but I have a couple of questions.

      – Is there a weight limit to use the OrbiTrek?
      – I have read that there is an issue with the belt breaking, and that there was problems trying to replace the unit or get fixed. What can you tell me about the belt issues?
      – Can you tell me the average time for each video exercise?

      Thanks for your time.


    3. Review OrbiTrek X2

      Does OrbiTrek X2 really have a 2-in-1 function available to give a stepper and a elliptical trainer in one?

      Does OrbiTrek X2 help lose weight easily?

      Is OrbiTrek X2 really compact to fit inside a small storage space?

      Does OrbiTrek X2 display accurate readings of distance, calories burned and time on the indicator?

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