OrbiTrac 2000 Elliptical Bike

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What is OrbiTrac 2000: It is an elliptical bike that can let you work out your entire body.


OrbiTrac 2000 is meant to help you work out your whole body without the need for different work at home fitness equipments. You want to get fit and in shape not only because you want to look good but feel good about yourself. But many of us find it difficult to keep up with a hectic gym routine and their memberships are quite prohibitive as well. However working out at home has often involved buying different equipment that takes too much space in your house and costs a lot too. OrbiTrac 2000 has been created so that you can get a whole body work out with one well-rounded equipment.


OrbiTrac 2000 makes things easier for you

There are many who feel daunted by the idea of working out as it can be a lot of effort and hard work. But that’s not supposed to be the case with OrbiTrac 2000, which is meant to make work outs easier for you. And what’s more, you get a chance to get a whole body workout.

OrbiTrac 2000 is meant to bring versatile benefits

One of the advantages of working with this elliptical cycle is that you can attain your goal of calorie burn with it. Thus you will be shedding pounds before you know it. OrbiTrac 2000 also gives you a handy cardio workout, which can also be a smart alternative for other cardio trainings you might be following.

OrbiTrac 2000 is packed with features for your convenience

Micro adjustable tension control is said to be one of the highlights of the OrbiTrac 2000. And thanks to this control you can be in charge of your workout at all times. You can also be assured of your safety while you work out because this elliptical cycle has non slip foot pedals. You can put your best foot forward when you start working with it.


OrbiTrac 2000 also has an on board computer LCD display that has five different functions. Scan, time, speed, distance and calories are the functions that help you keep track of your progress.


Thus OrbiTrac 2000 claims to make your workouts efficient, easy and convenient too.

What do I get?

Get the ORBITRAC 2000 Elliptical Bike for just 199 € + S/h. Official website: Telemarketing.gr

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