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Many of us have been trying to lose weight and get into the shape of our lives for a long time now. However it’s easier said than done, especially with some of the use at home equipment that don’t really work or get monotonous after a while. But OctaSlider claims to help you in your fitness regime so that you get burn calories and get into a fit shape. With OctaSlider, slide, glide and burn seems to be the mantra as you follow exciting workouts that will never get boring and you will have a lot of fun doing them.

How does OctaSlider Work

OctaSlider works with a unique glide and slide motion that is responsible for creating intensified resistance because it brings about greater range of motions. Thus all your eight muscle groups are worked on at the same time to bring you results sooner rather than later. OctaSlider also has many other brilliant features that make it worth it for you. To begin with, OctaSlider has been conceptualized and designed by professionals, which says a lot about it. What’s more, it’s made using high impact plastic; that’s why it’s so durable and sturdy for your regular use.

The ergonomically designed handles of the OctaSlider are another highlight and they make things comfortable for you while working out. It has its applications for beginners and those who have been into some kind of fitness routine or the other. OctaSlider is also equally effective for both men and women and what’s more, it’s completely portable so that you can work out with it no matter where you are. You will find that it has been designed to work on carpeted surfaces but you can also upgrade to make it work on hard floors. Three eight minute workouts with OctaSlider are all it takes to fire all muscles in your body.




What do I get?

  • 2 OctaSlider Handles
  • 2 OctaSlider Toe/knee Sliders
  • A nylon carry bag
  • OctaSlider 10-day Turbo KickStart Program
  • 4 week OctaSlider Fuel Food Guide
  • Workout calendar
  • 3 x 8 minute workouts
  • 30 Days money back guarantee

Price – 4 Monthly Payments of $19.95 + P&h $8.95 Total amount $88.75
For single payment Free shipping & 30%off. Official website octaslider.ca



OctaSlider Video
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