Neo Shaper

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What is Neo Shaper

A gym body wear that is equipped with Neotex, a clinically-proven smart fabric that increases the body temperature when it comes in contact with the skin to make you sweat more even with less workout. It also hides cellulite and shapes the body.


Gym clothing to help you break a sweat big time

Neo Shaper is a gym body wear that convinces to let women to break a sweat lot more with even lesser work out regime. Women may spend hours in the gym doing arduous workout but they do not break a sweat as much as they would like to, which means poor results in weight loss and body sculpting. But now Neo Shaper promises that they can break sweat a lot more with its alleged Neotex smart fabric, which is clinically proven to increase the body heat when it comes in contact with your body so that you will sweat like crazy. Regular workout clothes do nothing to help you sweat but Neo Shaper proclaims that the high-tech Neotex fabric makes you sweat as much as four times more than any other clothing.


Hides cellulite and firms up the body

Not just making you sweat a lot to help you burn calories, but Neo Shaper also guarantees to give your body a firmer look when worn. The body wear claims to hide cellulite and tighten up sagging flab around the waist, tummy, hips and legs so you get a slimmer looking body as soon as you wear it and it claims to drop your dress size by one size instantaneously. You can be doing the same kind of workout that you are currently on but you will sweat more without increasing even a minute more. Neo Shaper claims to enhance your workout routine and give you flatter abs, slimmer waist, and hips and shapely legs and thighs easily.


Fashionable and comfortable

Along with all the great benefits of Neo Shaper in helping you shape up, the workout body wear also maintains that it looks fashionable and you can confidently go out for a walk or to the gym wearing it without worrying about embarrassment of wearing a body-shaper, which usually are a dead giveaway that you wearing one. No one will ever know that you are wearing a shaper. Neo Shaper also states that even though it increases your body temperature, you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable wearing it. It is just as comfortable as your regular gym clothes only with a lot more benefits that traditional body wear. To fit your body size comfortably, Neo Shaper alleges to come in different sizes right from Small to 4X Large so that anyone can reap its benefit.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Neo Shaper for $39.90+$5.99 P&H.
  • You also get Hot Belt
  • Official website:
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