Nano Gym Review

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About Nano Gym

Today many of us have understood the importance of staying fit to reap long term health benefits. You want to get into the shape of your life not only because you want to look good but because you realize it’s good for your overall health as well. Of course working out in the gym is an option, but it’s often a very expensive one. Moreover you don’t find the time of the day to go to the gym on a regular basis. Use-at-home gyms on the other hand take up a lot of space, which is a luxury not many of us have. That’s why; you need Nano Gym, which is a smart, space effective and convenient option for you to work out at home.



Velcro straps don’t work – Ron who bought Nano Gym complained in his review that the Velcro straps don’t stick, which is very strange. But he realized that many others had the same problem, and it makes it impossible to work out your legs. He believes you can get the same workout with milk jugs.

Disappointing product – Steve who used Nano Gym revealed in his review that the Velcro straps come off when you are doing leg exercises. He tried different tricks but the same thing kept happening. According to him, the only redeeming factor is that upper body exercise is fairly decent. Overall he thinks that it should cost a lot less.

Falls short of expectations – Katie who reviewed Nano Gym exposed in her review that it was unstable because of high center of gravity. She felt that she would tip it over if she leaned on one side. She found that her previous circuit trainer, which is like a folding chair is more stable. The problem with it was that its electric cords were worn out and she couldn’t find replacements from the manufacturer. But she wishes she hadn’t spent money on this replacement.

Works but with limitations
Patrick who used Nano Gym revealed in his review that it works alright. The main complaint he has is that it has no foot stand or attachment that would make transitions to squats easier and safer. He hates having to put his feet on lower bar to stabilize the machine.

Nano Gym Claims

In fact this micro sized home fitness system is perfect for everyone to use at home and has many benefits for you. It’s the reason it’s been lapped up by those who are beginning to get into a fitness regime of some kind and experts as well. With the help of the Nano Gym you can do about 40 exercises, which will give you a brilliant complete body work out. At the same time the gym has been designed for your convenience; it is lightweight, which means you can take it around the house easily. It can be folded up without any hassle as well and you can store it easily wherever you want to.

This gym will go perfectly with your present day lifestyle, which is exactly what you are looking for from work at home equipment. Now you can easily burn calories at home and lose weight like you want to, build strength and shape your body to get that toned physique you crave for. And you get these sensational results while you work out from the comforts of your home with the help of this user friendly gym. 40, low impact resistance and aerobic exercises are at the heart of this gym, which will help you get fit by working out for just a few minutes every day.

There are many other features like adjustable resistance cables and comfort grip handles, which let you customize your upper body workout and ankle cuffs to focus on lower body workout, so that you get brilliant results.


What do I get?
You get Workout DVDs for Express Success, Total Body Burn, Perfect Buns & Legs, Exercise Chart, Eat Right Recipe and Diet Guide when you buy Nano Gym at for $149.86 CAD.


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18 thoughts on “Nano Gym Review

  1. Evine Live carries the cords in a set of 6; two of each color. Plus they have the floor plate to stand which I did not get few years ago when I bought the Nano a Gym. I just ordered it on clearance from Evine for $7.97.
    Right now the cord set is sold out and if you leave them an email they’ll notify when they are back in stock.

  2. Accidentally threw out my wall chart to The Nano Gym Supreme. It was very helpful for me in learning the moves for the workouts. I am trying to buy a new one, but can not find it anywhere on line to buy. Any help appreciated!

  3. Accidentally threw out my wall chart and having trouble ge finding a new on to buy. It was really helpful for me on learn the moves for the workouts. Need help trying to buy a new one.

  4. Don’t know if I’m going to buy this but if I did it would save me 2000 as I was going to buy a totastotasl gym. Have they fixed the
    velcro issue

  5. I am trying to find out how high the seat is. I’m short, and if it’s more than 17″ it won’t work for me. Thanks.

  6. I am trying to find out how high the seat is (in inches). I’m short and have to have most gym seats at their lowest level. If the top of the seat is more than 16″, it wouldn’t work for me.

  7. i have the nano gym, seems ok but the leg Velcro straps do not stay closed, so what good are they? can’t odf the leg exercises, any ideas?

    • Watch the DVD as it shows you how to hook the around your ankle. It has to go through the metal loop first and then around to Velcro and they work excellent. Keep it and you will love it!

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