Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson Review

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Every woman dreams of a beautiful body shape and most of them work really hard for it. But do all the diet and workout routines really work to give you the perfect toning? Tracy Anderson, one of Hollywood’s most famous trainers, gives those answers with a fitness regime Metamorphosis, a custom based 90 day program to give the perfect solution for a strong and sexy body shape. The idea is not to just shed pounds but also shape up the body proportions of each woman who adopts the routine.


Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson
Tracy Anderson, who started her career as a dancer had added on some extra unnecessary pounds to her person during her early years. To shed that extra weight and continue her career she started experimenting with different workout routines combined with dance regimes. During her research she developed a computer program to help her keep the balance between her weight and shape of the body. This technique has been adopted by her clients that include celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Courteney Cox and Kristin Davis to maximum satisfaction. Now this unique method for physical workout is put together on her DVD Tracy Anderson’s Fitness Metamorphosis for everyone interested in a perfect body.

Metamorphosis focuses on a technique called Strategic Muscle Engineering. The logic behind this technique is to work on the smaller accessory muscle groups, toning them around the larger muscle groups in turn shrinking and tightening the body. Metamorphosis is customized for different shapes of body dividing it into largely 4 parts – Abcentric, which deals with gaining of weight in the mid-section and large waist, Hipcentric, bulges of extra pounds in the hips and thighs but smaller waist, Glutecentric, excess weight in the back and shapeless buttocks and Omnicentric, which has weight gain in all the areas, or maybe none, but not an attractive body shape in any case. According to the body type one can decide on the 90-day program available on DVDs. The 90-day program comes along with free bonus of dynamic eating plan, tape measure, workout tracker and fitness guide.



What do I get?

  • 10 Metamorphosis Workouts – 9 muscular structure reshaping workouts customized for you and 1 dance cardio workout!
  • Fitness Guide/Motivational booklet . Tracy introduces you to Metamorphosis and answers questions
  • Workout Tracker and Tape Measure . Keep track of your success and inches lost.
  • Dynamic Eating Plan . Includes 90 day nutrition strategy and easy to make recipes that will fill you up, fuel your workouts, and accelerate your weight loss!
  • Free Access to Metamorphsis by Tracy Online Support . Connect with thousands of Tracy’s fans to stay motivated and share tips! Enjoy members-only access to Tracy’s playlists by body type and other fun tools.

All this for just $89.97 + $14.99 s/h. Official website



Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson Video


3 thoughts on “Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson Review

  1. I am 56 years old and have been exercising faithfully for 35 years, trying everything from Jane Fonda, The Firm, personal trainers, Total Gym, etc. When I was a child and all the way into my mid-20s I alternated from obese (size 16) to average weight. In my 30s I got fit and plateaud at about a size 8. A few years back I cut back my portions and I dropped to a size 4 but had a very hard time maintaining that weight–always felt hungry and just looked skinny, not good. Even at that size I still had cellulite and terrible skin texture. Gradually, went back to a 6, and was creeping towards an 8 again when my daughter told me about Tracy’s metamorphosis. I finished the first 90 days without missing a single day. The results were incredible! My size 6 clothes are loose, even though I did not diet and did not lose weight. Now I am on day 102 of continuity. The workouts are exhausting but I always feel good when I complete them. Best of all, my cellulite is vastly improved. It is unbelievable. I have been a dedicated exerciser without ever getting these results. Highly recommend these DVDs. Not easy. Must be disciplined.

  2. Review of Tracy Anderson Fitness

    Does this Tracy Anderson Fitness really work?

    Is this fitness method easy to perform?

    Does the Tracy Anderson Fitness really for different body shapes?

    Does Tracy Anderson Fitness provide great body toning even for slim but shapeless women?

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