MetaBall Gym Review

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With MetaBall you get the whole gym in a ball that can help transform your body. This equipment will be your recourse for complete body workout, weight loss program and aid to tone your muscles. It hardly takes up any space in your house and results can be seen in around 90 days.


MetaBall Gym
You can perform dozens of exercises with this one device that gives you the body you always craved for. Intense bursts of activity are made possible with quick transitions and metabolism is supercharged through active rest periods. It will boost your stamina, functional strength and agility so that you start seeing results in your day to day life.

From jogging to twisting, pressing, lunging and a lot more, options are endless with the MetaBall.

Army ranger, commander, actor, model and all-American wrestler Greg Pitt shares his knowledge of fitness and nutrition through the path breaking MetaBall fitness system. Pitt has graced many magazine covers, has won the title of Best Male Physique on TV and has been the ambassador for many fitness brands and appeared in several commercials; he knows exactly what he is talking about.

How does MetaBall work

This system helps you boost your metabolism through Interval and Metabolic Training. Unlike long drawn workouts that barely show any results this revolutionary system boosts your metabolism. Thus your body can burn calories long after the workout is over and you can also tone your muscles.

Intense efforts followed by active rest periods have been used by Greg Pitt himself to get into shape and now you can get fabulous results without expensive equipment or gym membership fees. Thus you can bid goodbye to long drawn cardio sessions and get lean and mean today.

How is MetaBall used

  • Weight plates have to be plugged in and you can increase or decrease weights.
  • You don’t have to wait long to change weights or adjust equipment as you can get on to the next move with a simple click of a button.
  • All the moves are fun and give a good workout to all your muscles.
  • Signature DVD by Greg Pitt helps you with the moves that can get you into the best shape ever.

MetaBall Frequently Asked Questions

What makes MetaBall stand out from other gym equipment?
It simply replaces Kettle Bells, Dumbbells, Medicine Balls and Push Up Bars. Complete gym workout is possible with this revolutionary ball, which opens up so that you can add weights to it. You can get desired resistance by adding 2.5lbs at a time. Two independent spheres rotate opposite each other to give you an advanced range of ergonomic motion in your workout. Thus it alone replaces many expensive gym equipments and since it’s portable you can take it wherever you go.

Some of the highlights of the MetaBall include the fact that it’s easily adjustable; with a simple click of a button you can start with a new move or simply add Metaweights to your routine. Its streamlined design means your upper body and wrists get ergonomic support and help you achieve the right form. With MetaBall there’s no dearth of exercise options as you can jog, twist, lunge, curl, dribble, press and a whole lot more.

Why is MetaBall effective?
These workouts have been perfected for 3 years by Greg Pitt and they make the most of Metabolic Training and High Intensity Interval Training. High intensity exercises and active rest periods that let you catch your breath and recover heart rate are the crux of Metabolic Training. This boosts your metabolism so that you burn calories quicker and your body burns fat for hours after the workout.

What are the benefits of MetaBall workout

  • Your muscular and cardiovascular systems are challenged and taken to a whole new level with MetaBall in your hand and the flexibility it gives you to change exercises instantly. Thus muscles adapt to change of forces on them, your heart rate is increased, more calories are burnt and your muscles are toned.
  • When you work out with MetaBall all your muscles are used giving you a complete body workout. Moving from one exercise to another involves muscles in your upper body, lower body and your core too.
  • Workouts here are like sports and recreational activities where you don’t actually realize you are working out as it is a lot of fun. You work really hard without realizing it.
  • Your functional strength is boosted as your stamina, agility and body’s motor patterns are enhanced. It helps you perform your everyday tasks with precision and without any difficulty.

What does the 30 day trial offer entail?
By making one single payment of $14.95 plus shipping and handling you can try out MetaBall Fitness System for 30 days. If you choose to keep the system you are charged 3 monthly instalments of $49.95 each. If you are not happy with the results before the trial period ends you can return the MetaBall and you won’t be charged a penny further.

When does the trial period start?
It starts when you receive your MetaBall Fitness System.

What’s the weight of MetaBall?
Weighing 5 pounds, MetaBall has been ergonomically designed to work with your body’s movements so that every move is maximized. When it’s opened, each MetaBall half weighs 2.5 lbs in its shell and the weight in each half can be increased by additional 2.5 lbs each.

What exercises are part of the workout DVDs?
DVDs consist of easy to follow, effective and fun workouts. There are cardiovascular moves for beginners to those with advanced fitness levels and they can be adapted accordingly. Compound moves for multiple muscles are a part of the routine that optimizes results. Lunges, sit ups, crunches, squats, cardio drills etc are included and challenging advanced moves like meat grinders, under dogs, spider crawls, ski slaloms, Wright brothers and soccer ball taps are also a part of the program. Strength, flexibility training, yoga and agility drills can also be performed.

How much space does it take?
6 x 6 feet space is all it takes to do these workouts.

Can you travel with your Metaball?
It can be carried in your suitcase when travelling or on the beach, you can work out in your hotel room or office space. Signature moves chart can also be taken with you to get best results.

Do these workouts suit all fitness levels?
Completely, and the aim is to grow with your personal fitness goals. You can mould the workouts to your specific needs with modifiers and accelerators you will find in the DVD.

How long does the workout take?
A typical workout can take 30 minutes and challenges your cardiovascular system and help tone your body. Two workouts can also be done in a session lasting around an hour.

What is Metaball Quick Star Weight Loss Plan?
It’s a comprehensive, educational and easy to follow program that helps you lose weight and reach your fitness goals. The Metaball Nutrition handbook gives you weight loss tips and those to use with social eating habits. You can adopt healthy eating habits thanks to sample eating plans and simple recipes.



What do I get?
What does one get with the MetaBall system?

  • Metaball (5lbs, each half 2.5lbs)
  • 2 MetaWEIGHTS (2.5 lbs each)
  • 90 Day Transformation Tracker Wall Calendar
  • Signature Moves Wall Chart for reference
  • Body Transformation Guide (Fitness Guide) and Quick Start Weight Loss Plan (Nutrition Guide) to maximise results.
  • 6 Signature Full Length Workouts: Athletic Fat Burner, Cardio Speed Trials, Cardio Master Burn, Upper Body Transformation, Lower Body Transformation, Sports Stretch.
  • 30 day free trial to Your queries on nutrition, motivation, supplementation, training advice and additional workouts are answered because all the latest transformation secrets updated every week.
  • 2 DVD’s
  • ABSolute Power Workout Video
  • Cardio Assault Workout Video
  • All this for just $149.85 + $19.99 s/h. Official website |



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    8 thoughts on “MetaBall Gym Review

    1. I have purchased the deluxe system 3.5 weeks ago and have no received a tracking number or any further information about my order to Australia. I have emailed them 3 times and also left messages on their Facebook page because they have not responded to my emails – and they have deleted my messages! Probably some of the worst customer service I have had in a long time. I really want to use the system but this lack of concern and service for customers is really appalling.

    2. Nice review on the Metaball Fitness System. I have been using it for 3 days and I have 87 more days to go. So far so good.


      • Jax,

        Is there anyway I can get a copy of the 90 day transformation poster? I bought the system, but have lost my poster.


    3. I just received the METABALL FITNESS SYSTEM for Christmas and will start a 90 day review of it starting Jan. 15th. is the review site. I will post every day about this product, join me and lets see if the Metaball can get a 50 year old into shape. Fit@50 is my plan. Wish me luck,



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