MET Rx 180 Review

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Have you always dreamt of having a fit and sculpted body? Are regular fitness programs not proving to be sufficiently effective for you? Don’t get bogged down by questions and doubts! Get the superior advantage of the MET-Rx 180, an amazing fitness program that promises to bring you results that will bring you immense joy!


MET Rx 180
The MET-Rx 180 is a revolutionary all-in-one fitness program! The MET-Rx 180 works not only as a workout program, it also aims to be your results-oriented personal trainer who will guide you through the routines, a nutritionist who will advise you on the correct diet and dietary needs, a knowledgeable and motivational workout partner, and an advanced home or mobile gym; all rolled up in one fabulous fitness package! MET-Rx 180 is a powerful combination of weight resistance training and cardiovascular exercises that form the base of this fat blasting cardio and muscles sculpting resistance training fitness program.

You will be able to transform your body in to the one you had always dreamed of. It is practical and science based and has been designed as a 90 day fitness program with sixteen workouts that have been spread out in three thirty day phases, so that you get optimal results from your routine. MET-Rx 180 works effectively for both men and women. It challenges your body and motivates you positively so that you gain from the fitness program. The MET-Rx 180 Transforming Every Body Program has been designed to use the benefits of proper nutrition, weight training and cardiovascular exercises that in tandem work to sculpt and tone your body and blast off unwanted excess body fat.

This ultimate fitness routine of the MET-Rx 180 is a result of a vast twenty years of fitness experience, to give you the perfect program that will give the perfect results!

Besides the full set of 16 workouts, you will receive a Resistance Band, Workout Ball with pump, tape measure, Skin Calibrator Kit, Nutrition Guide with recipes, Fitness Guide, Journal to track progress, Wall Poster with Workout Calendar and Move Chart, Online membership to and an electronic subscription to MET-Rx Magazine in your basic kit.

Adopt a fresh and healthier lifestyle program with the guidance of the MET-Rx 180! Use the transformation power of the wonderful MET-Rx 180 to help transform not only your body but also your life!

MET Rx 180 FAQs

How is Frank Sepe associated with MET-Rx 180?
Frank Sepe is a famous bodybuilder who is also a model, photographer and master trainer. He has been connected with the brand name MET-Rx for the last fifteen years. He has brought out five books that deal with the subject of physical fitness; he is also the editor-in-chief of the MET-Rx magazine. He has been completely associated with all the aspects of the fitness industry and has been personally focused on the job of creating fitness routines for professional athletes and celebrities. Through the medium of the MET-Rx 180, Frank is now, presenting his experience and expertise to you, to help you transform your body!

Aren’t MET-Rx products meant for serious bodybuilders?
No, MET-Rx products help everyone reach their fitness goals. MET-Rx has always understood the huge impact proper nutrition has on an individual’s fitness levels, and has always given recognition to its importance to not only hardcore athletes and bodybuilders, but also you, to help reach your fitness goals.

What is the brand MET-Rx about?
For the last twenty years, MET-Rx products have been an important part of the sports nutrition industry, since the time it introduced METAMYOSYN, its exclusive protein blend. The METAMYOSYN protein works as a highly bio-available fuel that helps to support your muscle and strength. Presently, MET-Rx delivers a wide range of products that all help to promote vigorous health by making advanced nutrition not only easier, but also more convenient and more effective than before. MET-Rx protein bars, drinks and shakes are the easy and convenient way through which you can shape your nutrition by avoiding all nutrient-deficient foods that may actually be adding unnecessary excess fat, salt and sugar to your diet. It has been specially designed so that anyone can use them. You can now, customize and create an effective nutritional program to shape your body for a fit and lean you, and which suits your lifestyle needs.

What is the MET-Rx-180 meant for?
The revolutionary Met-Rx 180 fitness program is designed to transform your body in just ninety 90-days! It has been designed with fundamental workouts that help to condition your body to become used to working out for the first 30-days phase. The powerful combination of exercise routines with a science based nutrition plan and supplements of the amazing Met-Rx 180, the ultimate fitness program, works on all parts of your body to shape and sculpt your body.

How have the workouts been planned per week?
The MET-Rx 180 fitness program is designed in such a way that you have to work out only 5-6 days per week with the rest day being a Sunday.

Do the workouts take up too much of a person’ time?
No, the workouts do not take up too much of your time. They have been intelligently designed taking your busy lifestyle into consideration. The amount of time needed for each workout differs and can be in the ranges of 30 minutes to an hour; it all depends on which phase of the MET-Rx 180 fitness program you are on at present and also on the day of the week.

Can beginners do the exercise routines comfortably?
The MET-Rx 180 has been designed with workout routines in phases, so that your body gets enough time to working out and then slowly and comfortably moving on to the advanced levels of the program. It doesn’t matter if your body is out of shape or not used to working out because the first 30 days of the workout which are known as the Conditioning Phase, help you condition your body for the remainder of the program. Once you complete the Conditioning Phase your body will be ready to take on the challenges of the next part of the fitness program.

Does the MET-Rx 180 require any extra equipment?
The MET-Rx 180 comes with a Basic Kit that provide all the equipment you will ever need for the basic program. The kit includes a resistance band, workout ball and a 90 day tracker.

How much space is required for the MET-Rx 180 exercise routines?
You will need approximately 10 x 10 feet of space to do your workout routines.

Can everyone use MET-Rx 180?
MET-Rx 180 is ideal for both men and women who are active; it works equally will for those who have lead a mainly sedentary life and aren’t as physically active.

How is MET-Rx 180 the right choice when compared to other workout programs?
Unlike other workout programs, MET-Rx 180 provides the right kind of motivation to get started and stay on with the workout routines. It helps by offering you a 90 day tracker that helps you keep and chart a record of your progress. When you observe the tangible results gained after the first 30 days Conditioning Phase, it will be the positive reinforcement you need to continue on with the program. You will also be able to track your workouts and progress online with the community site

How does MET-Rx 180 differ from other workout programs?
MET-Rx 180 is a workout program that aims at transforming your body. It is the perfect solution to your fitness needs and is based on the concept of Progressive Resistance Training which is essentially a three-phased approach. It starts with first, the Conditioning Phase that aims at getting your body active and toned with not only muscle building exercises, but also exercises that increase your functional strength, and boost self confidence; the second phase is the Shaping Phase, wherein the exercises are a constant challenge for your muscles to change shape and get stronger and are designed to speed up your metabolism with the shifting pattern of the body specific exercises. The Definition Phase is the last phase that aids to blast away the calories and force your body to build leaner muscles and burn more calories. The fitness programs targets every major muscle group from all angles and all intensity levels in all its three phases, for a great looking shapely you!

Does it work for everyone?
The MET-Rx 180 fitness program work for anyone who wants to transform their body and life. Your success will depend not only on your commitment to the specially designed workout schedule, but also your adherence to proper nutrition, and optional use of the specially designed MET-Rx 180 supplement products.

Is it possible that the MET-Rx 180 fitness program won’t work for someone?
In case of dissatisfaction you are assured a 90-day money back product guarantee.

When can tangible results be seen?
It has been observed that MET-Rx 180 shows results within the first 30-days!

Is the MET-Rx 180 fitness program effective for a sedentary person?
Yes, the MET-Rx 180 is effective for you, even if you have a sedentary lifestyle. It is a comprehensive and easy to follow program that will first work to condition your body and acclimate you to being active. This Conditioning phase will help become familiar with the fundamental basics of exercise and is a stepping stone for the exercises that come in the later phases.

Will the MET-Rx 180 fitness program make the body bulky or toned?
The MET-Rx 180 fitness program is aimed at building lean body muscles for a more defined and toned body shape!

What kind of supplements should be taken for optimal results?
The MET-Rx 180 supplements are specifically designed to complement its workout program, so that you get the maximum benefits from its fitness program. The supplements include Trulean (a meal replacement shake), Recovery Shake (a post work-out Formula), High Protein Bar, Essential Multi and an Active Multi Pack.

How can motivation be sustained to complete the whole MET-Rx 180 program?
To help you get started and stay committed to the fitness program, MET-Rx 180 kit includes a 90 day tracker to help you keep a record of your progress. After observing the wonderful results after the first 30 days and seeing the great results of your hard work and dedication, you will be positively motivated to stay with the program. You will also be able to track your workouts and progress online with the community site:

Is it a problem if the muscles get sore from after the workouts?
It is usual to have sore muscles after any workout routine. All you can do is have the proper nutrition required by them to help recover. The MET-Rx 180 Recovery Drink has been specially formulated to provide your muscles with the specific nutrients they need.

What does the MET-Rx 180 package consist of?
The MET-Rx 180 System Kit includes a full set of 16 workouts in twelve DVDs, resistance band, workout ball with pump, tape measure, skin calibrator kit, Nutrition Guide with recipes, Fitness Guide, Journal to track progress, wall poster with Workout Calendar and Move Chart, online membership to and an electronic subscription to MET-Rx magazine.

The MET-Rx 180 Clip Fat Measuring Device is an easy to use skin caliper that helps in determining your body-fat percentage. It measures the thickness of a fold of your skin with its underlying layer of fat. You can use it every thirty days by measuring the thickness of a fold of skin at specific areas of the body and determining the total amount of fat present on your body.

The MET-Rx 180 Measuring Device can be used to track your changing shape on your road to fitness.

MET-Rx 180 Ball with pump is an amazing fitness tool that helps you to increase the amount of exercises you can do for each body-part and permits you to train your muscles from different angles as well as increase muscle strength and endurance in all of the major muscle groups of your body, as well.

The MET-Rx 180 Resistance Bands includes a 10 lb. resistance band for when you need to increase the weight resistance of the bands at some part of the fitness program. You can get an additional set of three bands with 20, 30 and 40 lbs. resistance and two interchangeable handle sets.

The Fitness Guide gives you the complete plan of the MET-Rx 180 workout program. You will get familiar with the three phases (Conditioning, Shaping and Definition) and how they help you achieve a great body transformation. It even talks about basic issues like how to choose a weight, the importance of a warm-up, how to track and record the positive changes that you achieve and more. The Guide also includes two different 90-Day Workout calendars and a full photo directory of all the exercises (with both the resistance band and dumbbell) in the in the MET-Rx 180 Program schedule.

The 90-Day Tracker book describes the complete comprehensive 90-day MET-Rx 180 Program. It is the instrumental part of your 90-Day Transformation. You can record all of your personal statistics and workout information in it, over the next 90 days. Recording your information will provide a record of all your gains over time and serve as an evaluation and motivational tool to get the body you deserve.

Nutrition Guide helps to provide you with the necessary tools you need to transform your appearance, health, and overall well-being. They include topics like why some diet plans don’t work, meal planning, and implementing MET-Rx 180 products into your daily schedule. You will also be supplied with enough pertinent information to help customize your own personalized nutritional program. You will also be able to peruse healthy and delicious recipes.

The Tri-Fold Wall Poster is a great wall calendar and a much needed source of information and motivation. It is double-sided; exercise photos of the starting and finishing position of some of the band exercises in the program are displayed on the front, while the 90-Day Workout schedule is printed on the back of the calendar. All the workout routines that are a part of the MET-Rx 180 fitness program are input into the calendar for you. You can hang it in your workout area to keep yourself aware and motivated. is a community website that has been specifically designed to support and motivate you to reach your goals. You can now, log or track your progress, watch MET-Rx 180 videos, connect to people within the community with similar goals, share your achievements, get tips from their expert team, among other things!

You can now get the MET-Rx 180 Smartphone and Tablet Apps for when you are on the go! They are an extension of the program and you can watch your MET-Rx 180 workout videos, connect with the community, and log your nutrition and exercises right from the app. It helps you when you are out having dinner and you need to make an informed choice.

You get a free online subscription to the MET-Rx magazine that showcases MET-Rx athletes, products and events, and is filled with special and exciting features including great diet plans, supplementation ideas, weight training techniques, athlete and celebrity profiles, some great-tasting recipes and updates on MET-Rx 180 members and much more.



What do I get?

  • Resistance Band
  • Workout Ball with Pump
  • Retractable Tape Measure
  • Skin Calibrator Kit
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Fitness Guide
  • 90-Day Workout Tracker
  • Tri-Fold Wall Poster of Exercises
  • Product Catalog
  • Electronic Subscription to MET-Rx 180 Magazine

All this for just $144.80 Official website


MET Rx 180 Video
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7 thoughts on “MET Rx 180 Review

  1. I brought this system January 2013. By the end of 90 days I lost 18 lbs and went down 1 pant size.
    I am a 58 year old woman. This system is definitely effective especially for the over 50 crowd. The workouts are manageable where you don’t feel like your killing yourself to keep up. Frank and the other training host motivate you and you are so energized during the day and I think it also curbs your eating. I use the tapes to keep me intact. As of today October 24, 2014 I am healthier and my clothes fit great as I make my journey into my 59th birthday. I recommend the is system for baby boomers that are trying to get in shape or stay in shape.

    thank you Met-rx 180

  2. Are you satisfied with the product?

    Do you find it useful?

    Can you share the pros and cons of MET Rx 180?
    Pro’s – The program prepares you for what you will be getting into, doesn’t push you right into the work-out, starts of slow but then picks up.
    Cons – I guess with everything the strict diet.

    Is the MET Rx 180 ad misleading?
    Not at all

    Would you recommend this product to fellow customers? OR do you know a better alternative?
    I would highly recommend the program

    Would you report this MET Rx 180 as a scam?
    Far from it

    Did they let you review your order before hitting the “buy” button?

    How much is the shipping amount? is it acceptable to you?
    Shipping amount was free for me, it was ordered at a special time, but over all the shipping rate is acceptable

    Do you know the Customer Service number for MET Rx 180?

    Is MET Rx 180 back-ordered?

    Do you know the return process?

    Did you buy this product in a store? which stores carry them?
    Online no store purchase.

    • I just completed day 76 of the program. The Metrx community website won’t let me log in my nutrition without the site shutting down. Numerous attempts for assistance failed. I would not recommend ordering any of their products from the website. I placed an order a week ago and they can’t seem to figure out where it is.

      Other than the unreliability of the company, I like the program and have seen results by using the original Met RX products. I avoid shipping costs I know I can rely on doing things myself.

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