Luongo Footwear Review

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Nothing beats the comfort of being barefoot but it can be painful going without footwear due to dirt and sharp object. But now you can go barefoot and still protect your feet if you slip into Luongo Footwear, the ultimate choice for those who love staying barefoot. Luongo Footwear is designed solely give you the experience of being barefoot and yet protect your feet from dirt and cuts.


Luongo Footwear
The secret of Luongo Footwear that makes it so comfortable and gives the feeling of wearing nothing at all lies in its soft cotton and poly blend that contours to fit your feet snugly. Its soles are 100 % high grade slip resistant and puncture resistant 3mm neoprene so your feet are safe from cuts and scrapes.

No matter what the outdoor surface beneath your feet is, whether grass, sand or concrete, Luongo Footwear is specially designed to work on all of these and even anything in between. If you desire, you can even run the treadmill wearing Luongo Footwear and still get the barefoot experience. With this cool footwear, you also get the benefits of barefoot running like stretching and strengthening your muscles, ligaments and tendons to get stronger feet, better balance to prevent injuries, and also landing on your forefoot instead of heels – through the natural process of barefooting.

What’s more, it is just also very easy to clean and maintain Luongo Footwear. It is machine washable, and can even be cleaned with any regular hand soap or even dish detergent soap to get stains and spots removed from its surface.

Luongo Footwear is available in all sizes ranging from Small to XXL (4-5 to 12-13 US size for Men and 5-6 to 13-14 US size for women). You wouldn’t get these benefits in any other shoes in the market and Luongo Footwear is available at an unbelievably reasonable price. And if you order today, shipping price will be waived off.




What do I get?
1 Pair of Luongo Footwear for just $49.00. Official website



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