Les Mills Combat Review

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Have you tried real hard to lose those inches and pounds on your body with gymming and dieting without any success? Now fight your way to fitness to get a lean, chiselled and strong body in just 60 days with the intense and fierce combat style workout program Les Mills Combat – designed by Dan Cohen, (ex-British Master Kickboxing Champion) and Rach Newsham (graduate of WMC Lamai Muaythai Camp in Thailand) who have taught combat workouts for 14 years.


Les Mills Combat
There is science behind the Les Mills Combat program and the secret of its success lies in the Fast Twitch Integration Training that blasts your fast twitch muscle fibers, which have the utmost capacity for change. And it does this by using the most dynamic, powerful and fierce moves from 6 unique mixed martial arts disciplines –boxing, Capoeira, Tae Kwando, Muay Thai, Jiu jitsu and karate/Kung Fu and then coalescing them in progressively more intense sequences. The combination of all these in a single session helps you burn as many as 1,000 calories per hour.

The Les Mills Combat kit has: Les Mills Combat 30: Kick Start to familiarize you with the basic combat combination moves of the program. Les Mills Combat: The Basics teaches you the right moves, guards, and stances. a Power Hiit 1 that uses high intensity interval training with short bursts of highest efforts to enhance muscle conditioning overkill. The Shock Plyo HIIT 2 enhances your athletic power and endurance by using fierce exercises. Les Mills Combat 60 Live: Ultimate Warrior’s Workout DVD targets every muscle in your upper body, legs, butt, core and cardio.

The Extreme Cardio Fighter fires all your muscles with the high-repetition series of moves. It also has Les Mills Combat 45: Power Kata – the fast and powerful cross-training program to burn calories. You will also get a fitness guide with tips to give you the most out of the program, a nutrition guide with a detailed eating plan, tape measure and measurement tracker to keep an eye on your progress, and a 60-day workout calendar – 3 calendars that let you customize your individual program.



What do I get?
Les Mills Combat Kit ($59.85 + $14.95 s&h)

  • 3 Les Mills Combat 60-Days Workout Calendars.
  • 1 Tape Measure and Measurement Tracker.
  • Les Mills Combat 30: Kick Start Workout Video.
  • Les Mills Combat 45: Power KATA Workout Video.
  • Les Mills Combat 60: Extreme Cardio Fighter Workout Video.
  • Les Mills Combat: The Basics Workout Video.
  • Les Mills Combat 60 LIVE: Ultimate Warriors Workout Video.
  • Les Mills Combat: Power HIIT 1 Workout Video.
  • Les Mills Combat: Power HIIT 2 Workout Video.
  • Eat right for the Fight Nutrition Guide.
  • Stay with the Fight Fitness Guide.

Les Mills Supreme Warrior Kit ($89.85 + $14.95 s&h)

  • Entire Les Mills Combat Kit
  • LES MILLS COMBAT Training Gloves

Les Mills Combat Ultimate Warrior ($119.7 + $14.95 s&h)

  • Entire Les Mills Supreme Warrior Kit
  • Warrior 1: Upper Body Blowout Workout Video
  • Warrior 2: Lower Body Lean Out Workout Video
  • Core Attack Workout Video.
  • Inner Warrior: Stretch and Strength.

Official website BeachBody.com | LesMillsCombat.com



Les Mills Combat Video


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