Leg Magic Plus REVIEW

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About Leg Magic Plus

Leg Magic Plus is designed keeping in mind the entire lower body muscles. It is an ultimate lower body sculpting solution that shapes your butt, legs and core all at the same time in 5-minute workouts! If you are always on the run and have hard time putting in an hour for exercise than Leg Magic Plus is for you.


Leg Magic Plus CLAIMS

Since Leg Magic Plus is easy and quick to use as no assembly is required. Also, the compactness of the machine provides easy portability and storage. Its’s low impact gliding motion is stress free on the joints. Secret is Leg Magic Plus’s curve track with arc resistance technology that activates your entire lower body as you glide through the smooth controlled range of motion targeting your inner and outer things, glutes and core all at same time.

Scientifically it is proven that short burst of high intensity exercise can help you achieve your fitness goals fast and Leg Magic Plus exactly does the same for you. Leg Magic Plus activates the muscles in the lower body and when used in a high intensity interval fashion, it is a very effective way to workout.


What do I get?

  • 1 Leg Magic Plus
  • 1 Nutritional Guide
  • 1 Workout DVD
  • 1 Resistance Band

Price: £99.99 + S/h at the Official Leg Magic Plus website LegMagic-Plus.ThaneDirect.co.uk

Leg Magic Plus Reviews

There’s not a lot of variation in Leg Magic Plus — you can work the full range of motion, or just concentrate on the inner or outer portion of the full stride, which works your inner or outer thigh respectively. You can also hold on to the Leg Magic Plus handles or use your arms for curls, and change up the pacing… and that’s about it. However, it was a big disappointment as half of the exercises used (i. e. for the abdominals and hips) are basic floor exercises which don’t require a machine at all.

This Leg Magic Plus machine really just works your inner and outer thigh and doesn’t feel working on buttocks at all. Also, stopping the outward gliding motion and shifting to an inward motion can put quite a bit of strain on the collateral ligaments. It has a tendency to clunk at the end of each stride; to use it properly, however, you need to control the movement so it doesn’t bang. The manufacturer of Leg Magic Plus should consider an additional setting to have an adjustable handle height of at least 2 height levels making it convenient for all heights.

As reviewed by a verified Leg Magic Plus purchaser on amazon named CB Twelve states that the workout is 13 minutes, 5 of which is on the Leg Magic Plus, but you’re not putting in no 5 minutes on this thing! It’s shock treatment for the inner thighs. I highly recommend it, but I’m not buying the other claims the manufacturer makes about it working the outer thighs and butt. You work your butt on the floor with the instructor in the video, not on the Leg Magic Plus. The only part of my body I feel on the machine working is my inner thighs.

All in all Leg Magic Plus may work for some and not for some. If you love a challenge and really want to see a change in your body and strength, you won’t regret buying the Leg Magic Plus, but if you’re not, then it won’t get used, because it’s tough! In my opinion persistence and exercising correctly will give you great results with Leg Magic Plus combined with some floor exercise.

Leg Magic Plus Questions and Answers

Q: Can I use the Leg Magic Plus if I have an existing medical condition?
A: We would recommend contacting your GP/Doctor to seek advice if you have any concerns about your fitness.

Q: Is there a weight limit on the Leg Magic Plus?
A: The maximum weight for a user of the Leg Magic Plus is 220lbs / 15.7st / 100kg.

Q: How many reps am I supposed to do I am a beginner?
A: Start with 4 sets of 20 to start.

Q: I cannot get the front bar to raise, what am i doing wrong?
A: It’s not supposed to go up all the way. Just rest your arms on it and let the legs do all the work.

Q: Does Leg Magic Plus exercise work for men too?
A: Well yes. But, since men tend to be taller than women, you might consider that the bar in front used for support might be a little low for you if you are tall.

Q: Can you adjust the resistance/tension level, making it more challenging with prolonged use?
Is Leg Magic Plus sturdy enough to withstand daily use for a prolonged period of time?

A: Didn’t see it having a tension level. It’s somewhat sturdy but the sliders can come off track easy.

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