Kymaro Ultimate Body Glider

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People sweat it out for hours in the gym to build a powerful muscular structure. It needs a lot of dedication in terms of efforts and time, which is a little difficult in this fast paced life. But still the idea of getting an amazing body with chiselled cuts all over is a dream everyone dreams. If you are one such dreamer and are away from the dream only because of the costly gym memberships or the time required to visit one than you need an in house solution. Several large all in one gym machines are sold for use at home but are quite bulky and space consuming. But now there is the new Kymaro Ultimate Body Glider which will make you fit within no time minus the above disadvantages.

How does Kymaro Ultimate Body Glider Work

Kymaro Ultimate Body Glider is an ultimate workout solution that helps in achieving bulky cuts in the arms and get ripped abs in very little time right at home. It is specially designed keeping in mind regular workouts that can be modified to take them to another level altogether. The handle bar design allows easy grip while performing workouts which generally work on the idea of applying the whole bodyweight for toning. The difference here is the polyoxymethylene surface that glides over the surface exerting more pressure during the workout regime. It comes with special cover which is tested to glide over any surface be it wood, tiles, linoleum or carpet for high intensity workouts.

Kymaro Ultimate Body Glider takes regular workouts and turns it into a monster fat burning workout. It can be used to strengthen the core while performing Glider Flies with it or get amazing upper strength by performing Glider Pikes. It also helps in sculpting the abs with Oblique Glider and tones the lower body with Scissor Gliders. These top 4 workouts can provide total body workout in just 10 minutes a day time. It is so small in size that along with its special cover it can fit in any small space saving lot of area that generally is taken with home work-out equipments.



What do I get?

  • 1 Covers
  • 2 Kymaro Ultimate Body Glider
  • 1 Slide N Tone + P. & H.

All this for $ 29.95 + $ P. & H. Official website



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