Kymaro Rhythm Rocker Review

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Kymaro introduces the rocking, crunching and rolling workout system i.e. Kymaro Rhythm Rocker. It turns twenty five fun dance moves into the most affective core sculpting, ab ripping workouts, you have ever done sitting down. You can blast away the bulky fat and create a long, lean, dancer’s body doing sexy moves, sitting down comfortable at home.


How does Kymaro Rhythm Rocker work?
This is an amazingly effective tightening and toning abs, obliques, shoulders, arms and strengthens lower back muscles; all are writhing up your cardio to a fat burning sizzle that melts away unwanted ponds and inches faster than ever possible.

Most ab machines work in a single direction only affecting a limited area of your core and abs but the Rhythm Rocker usage Stabilizing Inter-Axial Technology (S.I.T) allowing it’s padded seat to tilt in a full three sixty degrees, delivering dual direction resistance to entire midsection of your body. This allows you to advance seamlessly from one core sculpting ab ripping move to the next without stopping.

With the Rhythm Rocker, you are not only creating great strength and stability but also creating flexibility, which is very important through the stretching and the different movements. The Rhythm Rocker’s core cardio ab-sculpting system is so effective at shedding pounds and inches that you lose even seven pounds in a week. It is handy and easy to carry so that you can do workout even in your office. Everybody claims that it is definitely a serious piece of fitness equipment.

While young moms, super-nerds and generation X get ripped, don’t actually need to be in twenties to have a body like a twenty year old. Rhythm Rocker can actively make you dance for fat burning and weight loose.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –

  • 1 Rhythm Rocker
  • 2 Introductory DVDs
  • 7-Day Fat Burning and Nutrition Guide
  • Travel Bag



Reviews and Complaints
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Kymaro Rhythm Rocker Video


5 thoughts on “Kymaro Rhythm Rocker Review

  1. I am seriously interested in this rocker but would like the views of others, before I actually buy this machine because, I used to have a gym ball that I used yes very effective and was fun to use however moving into a smaller place I unfortunately had to keep my gym ball in the cupboard as its too big for my place in terms of storage space.

    this looks perfect for storage and seems fun to use… I did unfortunately have a issue with a product I got from jjb sports well it was a similar thing which I had to stand on and push my feet sideways, sorry cant remember the name of the item but it felt like a toy and was way hard for me to use.

    I now have a small baby and yes unfortunately I have a tummy (muffin top) that I need to get rid my fitness is not the same anymore as it used to be I need a machine that would help my cardio, and also be fun to use.

    please can I get some honest feedback.

    Many thanks.

  2. May I buy JUST the Rhythm Rocker? ….Without the DVD and additional add-ons etc. The machine is ALL I want to buy!

    Please advise.

  3. Re: Rhythm Rocker

    I am 4’10” tall

    Anyone had bought it and can share with me the follows:

    Does the chair height adjustable for short person or the spring under the seat will sink down so the leg can still reach the floor?

    Thank you very much for your help!!

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