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If you are single-mindedly committed to build a great physique and attain fab abs, look no further, as Kruncher is here to help you get there! Kruncher is the incredibly amazing abs exercise equipment voted as the best ever in the world. If you’ve been despairing for being out of shape and no amount of exercising has helped you shed the unwanted flab, it’s time to stop worrying and start believing that like many other Kruncher users, you can also get back in shape and look great!


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How does Kruncher Ab Exerciser Work

Kruncher is not like the typical bulky machines that you use in the gym but actually a handy exercise equipment that’s incredibly comfortable to use and handle. It works on your lower abs, middle abs and every section of your body you need to tone up the easy and effective way. The Kruncher is designed to target he stubborn flab in your abs like no other machine ever made. It helps you perform your workout right from the comfort of your seat without any stress on your body. You don’t have to go for the strenuous sit-ups nor get down on the floor to use it. All you have to do is hold your Kruncher around you by sitting straight it and pump it up to get great results which even exercises in which you have to go to the extremes don’t yield!

Instead, you can now acquire lean and curvaceous abs with six packs or even more with Kruncher sitting comfortably in a chair or couch anywhere. And you don’t have to spend hours working out with Kruncher, as you need to use it for just few minutes. People have reported fantastic results even by using it for only five minutes a day four times a week to be healthy and have stronger abs.

Owen Mckibbin, the renowned fitness expert, recommends Kruncher vigorously. And if he has a high regard for something, you’ve got to believe that. So that means even if you are busy the whole day with no time to spare you can actually do the entire workout in just five minutes with the cool Kruncher!


Beware of Fake reviews
There are very few genuine reviews of Kruncher and other such products. However if you keep looking for them by going through several websites then you will actually be able to find them. As far as fake reviews are concerned, all you need to do is use words like complaints and scams next to the product name and you can tell the fake reviews.

Another way of spotting them is if you find a Buy Now tab or a link to the page where the product can actually be bought. It would mean the review has been paid for by the manufacturer.

These paid reviews get ranked higher on search pages sadly because they cannot be spotted by search engines.




What do I get?

  • The Kruncher® ab machine
  • Instructional Video by Owen McKibbin
  • “Get Ripped” Meal Plan
  • *60-Day Money Back Guarantee

All this for $ 19.95 + $ 9.95 P.&H. Official website


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Kruncher Ab Exerciser Video

4 thoughts on “Kruncher Ab Exerciser Review

  1. Has anyone tried the Kruncher, does it really work?

    Are you satisfied with the product?

    Do you find it useful?

    Can you share the pros and cons of Kruncher ?

    Is the Kruncher ad misleading?

    Would you recommend this product to fellow customers? OR do you know a better alternative?

    Would you report this Kruncher as a scam?

    Did they let you review your order before hitting the “buy” button?

    How much is the shipping amount? is it acceptable to you?

    Do you know the Customer Service number for Kruncher ?

    Is Kruncher back-ordered?

    Do you know the return process?

    • There are several As Seen On TV products like Kruncher that will be sold after much hype is created about them thanks to TV infomercials. You will build your expectations about these products but when they arrive you realize that they are no great shakes. In fact they are not at all useful and in many instances every poorly made. Thus it won’t be long before they break into pieces or stop working completely. Another problem with these products is that there is no transparency when it comes to ordering them and you don’t even know what you are paying for because you don’t get the purchase summary. You don’t have the option of cancelling your order either and returning the product only means bearing one way shipping costs.

      To avoid this scam trap set up by products like Kruncher you have to be smarter than the manufacturers who are creating fake review sites with the help of affiliate marketers. What you can do is look at genuine reviews of these products. These reviews are all about objective and real opinions about these products and they will help you make a discerning choice about buying them or not.

      • Before you knock this product…Try it. I use this about 5 days a week while watching TV and I work my abs and arms and even an exercise for my legs. I have had mine for about 8 months and it is still working perfectly.

    • I received my The Kruncher three days ago. I watch the video, I tried the product. Absolutely do not order this exercise equipment.I am a very strong woman, it was very hard to open. I was fearful of crushing my fingers or a hand. Very very dangerous! It does have a tag on it about pinching. Even in the easiest setting, it was very hard to do. The woman in the video must have been very large to hold it on her chest and I hurt herself. I sent it back today, in the original box it came in. Shipping from here to returns was $23.03. Out ragious!!! Don’t do this if you have to send it back, worst product I have ever ordered!!

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