Knockout Abs Reviews and Complaints

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The Knockout Abs is part of a complete system of exercise and nutrition. The system includes the Knockout Abs, instructional DVD with three energizing, fat burning, cardio workouts, and the Knockout Abs meal plan. Are you ready for the very first cardio abs workout to deliver a punch? This is a total body cardio that burns fat and calories faster than you’ve ever thought possible. You also get hot, sexy Knockout Abs for two power driven workouts in one.


How does Knockout Abs work?
Introducing Knockout Abs , a complete system that combines cardio interval training with the power and excitement of real boxing. Now in just minutes a day, you could crunch and punch your way to those six-pack abs and sexy bikini shape you’ve always wanted. Knockout Abs is so easy and fun to use that you will start seeing results almost instantly.

You could lose up to 10 pounds or 10 inches in just 10 days. Ab machines only target one muscle group and don’t burn fat. Expensive cardio machines don’t strengthen abs. With Knockout Abs, you get fat burning cardio combined with a waist trimming ab workout all in one simple to use fun machine. Knockout Abs can give you the results of a professional boxing gym in your own home. It uses the proven techniques that boxers use to maintain a strong and powerful core.

It is known as the 3 Cs – continuous, core, cardio. The unique crunch and punch motion engages multiple muscle groups while working your heart at the same time so your total body gets to the fat burning zone faster than you ever thought possible.

With the punch bands, you get over 82 exercises so you will never get bored getting your knockout body. Knockout Abs comes with a cushioned seat and a padded bar to hold your legs in position for that perfect sit up. Plus, it gives you a cardio and workout all in one.

Knockout Abs Advantages/Reviews/Pros

The product is very well constructed; mostly metal and rubber is used instead of plastic, which works well. It also makes the product quite durable and sturdy. It might look like a bulky product but the good news is it can be folded neatly so that you can store it away wherever you want to. And the seat you find in the product is very comfortable, which makes working out on it easier. The anchors can also be adjusted based on your height, which is another advantage.

The workout DVD is a blessing because it’s helpful for different levels of workout; from beginner to intermediate and advanced. There are different types of workouts you can do with Knockout Abs and the DVD explains that really simply so that you can get a hang of them at the earliest.

There are workout equipments that can be difficult to assemble and install in the first place, forget getting started with them. But you can put together Knockout Abs easily and the workout can be a lot of fun and doesn’t ever get boring. This is a product that delivers on its promises, and packs a few punches for workout enthusiasts.

Knockout Abs Disadvantages/Cons/Complaints

The concept works for this product but then it’s a tried and tested method used in the gym for years; only with slight modifications. So that’s not a surprise. However the big problem with the product is the resistance band because they are wrongly placed to start with and that makes punching difficult. Moreover they can lead to bad form and that’s because the angle of resistance is such that your punches head down instead of the back. The tension of these bands can leave a lot to be desired as well.

Some of the exercises and postures that are incorporated in these workouts can be tricky and rather difficult. The workout DVD is okay but sadly the only difference between some workouts is the time you take to finish them; hence it’s not farfetched to think it’s a bit like one trick wonder.

The speedball used in the product seems like a needless addition because it’s not really helpful. On the contrary it can be a pain to deal with because one punch and it tends to swing all over the place leading to much nuisance. It’s a product that falls way below expectations, which is a letdown.




Reviews and Complaints
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