Killer Calves Review

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Impress one and all and leave everyone breathless by acquiring incredible calves the easy way. Get yourself Killer Calves, the fantastic calf machine that converts untrained calves into sculpted, diamond-cut muscles and brings about a 360 degree transformation in your looks and confidence. Calves are definitely noticed by the fitness conscious (by women too). It is one part of the anatomy that may not be really in the limelight but does figure as very important and the key to your speed, power and confidence. Experts like athletes know how important your calves are. If you are a complete fitness freak who pursues perfection, make sure you focus on building your calves too.

How does Killer Calves Work

Killer Calves helps you train your calves with a great workout. It’s the perfect seated calf machine which is great for your home gym as it helps you propel your speed and power and set yourself apart from everyone else. It’s the only home equipment that enhances your calves and guarantees breath-taking results in just minutes a day.

Killer Calves works smartly by working the right muscle groups in and around the calves. It’s now really easy and possible to sport strong, powerful calves without shelling out huge amounts of your hard-earned money as well as your precious time at the gym where you may do nothing more than endless reps of ineffective, wrong exercises. The secret is the way Killer Calves machine helps you function by supporting an unrestricted range of motion and steel spring resistance that you can increase. It also builds the mass and core strength of the muscles in your calves that empower you to do what you probably couldn’t, like increasing your running speed and withstanding demanding actions.

Killer Calves will get the muscles between your knees and ankles become clearer, more defined and robust. You will actually feel your calf muscles become stronger, bigger and more powerful. d Killer Calves shapes a strong symmetrical look in your calves, really leaves nothing to chance which you will surely discover once you hit it so why not make it a part of your gym?



What do I get?

  • Killer Calves
  • KILLER CALVES Ultimate Training Guide
  • speed jump rope

All this for $29.99 plus P&H Official website



Killer Calves Video

3 thoughts on “Killer Calves Review

  1. I’ve been looking for these everywhere on the Internet, is this device discontinued now or what? I can’t find an official website for this piece of equipment; I can’t even find it on Amazon or East Bay

  2. Well, ordered the Killer Calves in July and have yet to receive them. In August I received a letter in the mail stating that demand was higher than anticipated so they will be delayed. It is the middle of of September now and still nothing. I’m hoping they arrive someday.

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