Jox Sox Review

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Are you on your feet all day and spend hours working or indulging in activities like cycling, playing a sport or even coaching it? Then you must face problems like your feet becoming too hot and sweaty and also causing bad odor in return. Moisture on your feet not only makes you uncomfortable but can cause skin infections too. The cotton socks that you wear may not really keep your feet as dry and cool as you would want them to be and the special socks cost a lot of money. Not anymore. Now you have Jox Sox, the patented socks that have air flow technology to keep your feet dry and cool whether you work, golf, play basketball or work out.

How does Jox Sox Work

Jox Sox has special moisture management system that will give you dry comfort when you wear them and also eliminates bad odor caused by sweat.

Other than the advanced airflow technology, Jox Sox has padded bottoms that cushion your feet well and beat fatigue even if you are on your toes for long hours. That’s not all. The Y shaped heels of the socks fit your feet snugly and also keep the socks well in their place unlike regular socks that seem to slip as your run or pedal the cycle. Similarly Jox Sox have no slip top that prevents the socks from slipping down. So your socks won’t ever bunch up inside your shoes. You will also find utmost comfort in wearing these special socks because of the smooth toe seams that eliminate any irritation you may feel even if you are on the move all the time.

Along with all these amazing features you can also be assured of the Jox Sox lasting forever. They are so durable that they come with a lifetime guarantee and if you find any defect with them you can return them with the invoice to get a full refund. Jox Sox cost a fraction of sports socks and if you buy 2 pairs of Jox Sox you will get another pair for free. That’s 3 pairs for price of one.



What do I get?

  • 3 pair

All this for $ 14.95 + $ 4.95 P.& H. in their choice of size and gender. Official website



Jox Sox Video

3 thoughts on “Jox Sox Review

  1. This company advertises buy 2 pr of sox and get 1 pair free’When I got the package in the mail I received 2 pair but no free pair even thought the bill of salad the free pair listed.
    I have sent two emails but have not received an answer to either one.
    This company can not be trusted and I will never do business with this company again. I will however ell as many people as I can , not to do business with them.

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