JML Tone Zone Shaper

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What is Tone Zone Shaper? – It is an abdominal trainer that offers 3 levels of resistance and 10 different exercises for abs.

The complete and amazing abs exerciser

You may have tried out a plethora of exercisers that promise fab abs and shape you up, but probably are disappointed with the less than satisfactory outcomes. Now that Tone Zone Shaper is here, you can be sure of success finally and for sure as its manufacturers guarantee that it’s the best and the most complete abdominal trainer around. Tone Zone Shaper is an innovative looking abs trainer that isn’t anything like bulky exercisers. According to its makers, it is designed to deliver perfect results without struggling with a big tool.

Offers 3 levels of resistance and 10 different exercises

Tone Zone Shaper is presented to you as a complete abdominal trainer as it offers three levels of resistance and 10 different exercises. That is supposedly enough to get you going and really attain your dream physique with a simple, handy exercise equipment.


Tone Zone Shaper claims that it offers remarkable flexibility as you can bend, twist and manipulate it to perform a variety of exercises. That makes it easy for you to acquire trim and toned abs and obliques along with stronger hips, thighs, legs, arms and a flab-free physique.

Works all major muscle groups

You are guaranteed that using the Tone Zone Shaper ensures that you work all your major muscle groups, which provides a complete exercise experience.

Compact and portable

Tone Zone Shaper is lightweight, compact and therefore portable. It can be carried anywhere for exercising and staying fit no matter where you are.

Works like a crunch machine

If you want the benefits of a crunch machine to chisel your abs, Tone Zone Shaper seems to be the ideal choice that provides you the experience of stomach crunches for good shape.

Easy to assemble and store

Tone Zone Shaper is constructed in such a way that you can assemble it easily and store it away as conveniently for later use.


What do I get? Buy JML Tone Zone Shaper for just £59.99 at

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