Fitmaxx 5 Exercise Machine

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What is Fitmaxx 5

It is a fitness equipment that gives you a full body workout and works on all muscle groups simultaneously by combining cardio and ab training. It has five different resistance levels to suit beginners as well as seasoned gym goers.

Burns fats and builds stamina quickly

Fitmaxx 5 Workout Machine is supposed to be a gym equipment that can give you a full body workout by using just one machine. Gymming routine usually includes cardio, ab and weight training and you need to spend hours working on different machines to get the fit body you have always wanted. But Fitmaxx 5 Workout Machine apparently lets you combine cardio and ab training so that you get full body workout and burn fats quickly while building a lot of stamina and strength at the same time.

Works on all muscle groups simultaneously

In a traditional gym regime you need many different equipments and machines to target different muscle groups. But believably not with Fitmaxx 5 Workout Machine, which is a combination of yoga and strength training to let you work on all your muscle group simultaneously. So it slims you down real fast while giving strength and shape to your legs, arms, hips, bottom, abs, back and many more. You do not need to change the equipment for that and Fitmaxx 5 Workout Machine is supposed to give you the workout by just holding the handles and raising your legs to quickly burn fats.

Five different resistance levels

To get the most out of your workout session, Fitmaxx 5 Workout Machine is said to give you five different resistance levels. So whether you are just a beginner, an intermediate exerciser or a hardcore one, you will have a resistance setting to meet your need. Fitmaxx 5 Workout Machine is believed to also have a digital display to monitor your progress.


Compact yet strong

Unlike a treadmill and other gym machines, Fitmaxx 5 Workout Machine supposedly does not occupy too much space in your house. It is said to be compact equipment that you will let you have a gym right in your house and weighing just 9.6kg it is apparently sturdy enough to take up to 100kg of weight.

What do I get?

Get Fitmaxx 5 for just £99.99 + S/h. Official website

Fitmaxx 5 Comparison

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