Jay Cardiello JCore Body

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How many times have you started working out in a gym or a routine at home and have not been able to keep up with the timing on regular basis? Well, you are one of the many people who wish to tone their bodies and lose weight but are stuck due to the hectic lifestyle which kind of denies the whole process. But now you can have all the benefits of a workout compressed in for only 80 hours a week with the new Jay Cardiello JCore Body.

How does Jay Cardiello JCore Body Work

JCore is the brainchild of Jay Cardiello, one of the most famous fitness and nutrition experts across the globe and has been quite instrumental in shaping up many famous Hollywood celebs. JCore basically is targeted at every individual who doesn’t have enough time to hit the gym by providing ultimate fitness in only a matter of 40 days right at home with 20 minutes of workout for 4 days a week and following a nutritious diet plan. It is based on Rapid Muscle Response training which generates strength and stability by targeting the completion of workouts in bursts of 30 seconds with Fast Flow making the difference between workouts almost seamless.

JCore begins with initiation of workout schedule and comes with a fitness test that helps measure the fitness level of the individual following it. Regardless of what level one is at the workouts are designed with ease that anyone can achieve sizable results with the program. Later the Rev Up module helps in kicking up the metabolism for building and toning muscles. Cardio 4X4 gears up the body and starts sculpting muscles on it. The Fire Fit module has workouts to literally fire up the calorie burn procedure in both upper and lower body. Hardcore is targeted for maximum toning and calorie burning and Release helps in the end to open up the muscles and relax them for a strong core.



What do I get?
JCore (6) DVD Box-set & USB Drive which both include, (5) dynamic fitness videos, (1) Intro/Fit Test video, 40-day nutritional meal plan with fit tips and recipes (USB Drive includes PDF digital version), a 40-day rotational calendar, 30-days live streaming “Workout Wednesdays with Jay”, (1) Zero-Lite, (1) Body-Lite, (1) Recovery-Lite, (1) Multi-Lite. USB Drive only compatible with MAC OS X 10.6 – 10.8, Win XP, Vista, Win 7. Official website JCoreBody.com



Jay Cardiello JCore Body Video

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