Jam Gym Review

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Look out for the revolutionary new fitness device call the Jam Gym. Designed for stretching, muscle building, and cardio, now you can get a total body suspension workout right in your own home.


How does Jam Gym work?
Suspension workout classes are popping up across the nation. Trainers understand that suspension workouts, like Jam Gym, use your total body resistance giving a full body workout in just minutes a day. The end result is a really effective way to get shape that is fun, safe, and easy.

Just slip the Jam Gym into any door hinge. Shut the door and you are ready to go. Work your chest, arms, back, legs, and thighs. Strengthen your entire core in the same workout. To get stronger, simply move your feet closer to the door and the exercises get harder.
Jam Gym is a state-of-the-art, total body fitness device from the inventor of the Bowflex.

It is great for all fitness levels. It is portable and lightweight, so you can work out anywhere – home, office, or hotel room. It is easy to store.

Get the suspension workout at your home every day with the Jam Gym. Body weight exercises are the safest to follow. It never gets boring because the exercises you do are only limited by your imagination.

Get a stronger core and fitter body. Get the Jam Gym.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer – www.JamGym.com)

  • Jam Gym
  • Exercise DVD
  • Exercise Guide
  • Carry Bag



Reviews and Complaints
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Jam Gym Video
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