Jack Rack Review

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Do you want to know what’s getting fighters, trainers and fitness legends jacked? It’s time to stop dreaming about your perfect body and start living it! You can do this now with the amazing Jack Rack! The JACK RACK is the only workout system that uses body weight resistance with convertible Turn and Burn Technology, giving you more than fifty body shredding workouts for your upper and lower body, core and cardio!


How does Jack Rack work?
Jack Rack is set to revolutionize home fitness, featuring over 50 exercises in one compact unit. From push-ups, pull-ups, dips, curls to lunges, the JACK RACK does it all! Just ten minutes with JACK RACK helps keep blood sugar down, so that your body uses the fat as fuel!

The secret is its Turn and Burn Technology. You can quickly adjust the JACK RACK and move from one muscle station to another. Burn calories and build muscles with Jack Rack! Only JACK RACK adjusts to your fitness levels; you can adjust by lowering, raising, twisting or even flipping the grips and blasting your entire body.

You don’t have to waste precious hours at the gym; you can throw away the gym membership and pulleys, because Jack Rack does it all! The wheels and sleek frame of the Jack Rack equipment makes it easy to be stored under the bed and it takes only seconds to set up again.

Jack Rack is part of a complete exercise and nutrition system that has been designed for optimal results. You also get the Body Shredding DVDs with Advanced Fat Burning Cardio Workouts and a Nutrition Plan. Get the body you always dreamed of with Jack Rack!

JackRack Body Weight Resistance Training System Body Weight Resistance Training System is a body weight resistance training system that is set to revolutionize home fitness, featuring over 50 exercises in one compact unit. From push-ups to pull-ups to dips to curls, the Jack Rack does it all.

It is endorsed exclusively by the mighty Chuck Liddell, former Mixed Martial Arts Light Heavyweight Champion, and Kim Lyons, former trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, and Jim Stopani, Senior Science Editor, Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

Jack Rack Body Weight Resistance Training System has revolutionized the Home Fitness Regime for the better. With the Jack Rack compact and intense home gym system, the body of one’s dream will be a reality for sure!

It is guaranteed to provide one with a workout that will strengthen and tone one’s body like never before. Jack Rack gives an individual 50 Exercises in one compact easy to use, no assembling, portable training system.

The main idea behind the Jack Rack is the ease with which one can do more than 50 exercises on just one machine. From push-ups to pull-ups to dips and curls, the Jack Rack is unmatched in its ability to give one a balanced and sensible workout. In just a few minutes a day, one will soon notice being stronger and leaner than ever before.

The Jack Rack uses Turn and Burn Technology to help users achieve the highest fitness level possible. With Turn and Burn, one can quickly adjust the handles to work various muscle stations in just seconds. In just 15 minutes a day, one can work on upper body, lower body, the all-important core and one can even do cardio with the Jack Rack And since it is lightweight and on wheels, storage when one are done is quick and easy!

Jack Rack Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a weight limit for JACK RACK?
Yes there is; a person’s body weight should not be more than 300 lbs.

Does JACK RACK have a height restriction too?
If you are 6 ft 6 inches or taller, you might face difficulty carrying out certain exercises like the Full Body Dip.

Is special training necessary to use JACK RACK?
Although no special training is required, it’s a good idea to consult a physician before doing any exercises.

Does JACK RACK let you have a good cardio workout?
Yes you can get a cardio workout with JACK RACK. You can simply do one exercise after another, without taking any break between them.

Is it possible to get a fast workout with your JACK RACK?
There are many fast workout options you can choose from when you use JACK RACK. It’s possible to get a complete body workout in about 15-20 minutes every day.

Can you get a whole body workout with JACK RACK?
Yes, when you work out on the JACK RACK, you can train your lower body, core, upper body and get a cardio workout too.

Do you need all JACK RACK products for the whole body workout?
If you want to do all the exercises possible with JACK RACK, you will need to buy all the different products that are available.

What does JACK RACK weigh?
The sturdy steel frame and hand grips in the JACK RACK weigh around 45 lbs.

Is JACK RACK easily portable?
JACK RACK is indeed quite portable because it folds up into the size of an ironing board. It can be locked away for storage or moved around if you wish to. It also has wheels at the base for further mobility.

Are there any special tools required with JACK RACK?
JACK RACK can be assembled easily without the need for any special tools.

Jack Rack Parts

Base Unit
The base is made of 45 lbs of stainless steel, which can take around 300 lbs of weight. It can be adjusted to suit different body sizes; moreover adjustable floor pads mean it can be adjusted to go with uneven floors as well. It can be folded up when not in use to ensure convenient storage. The Base Unit also has gliding wheels, which lead to easy mobility.

Welded steel construction is one of their highlights. They also have molded speed clips, which help fast transition.

Hand Grips
They are made from good quality steel, which makes them extremely durable. However they have rubber handles, which ensure easy and comfortable grip. Speed trigger enables easy and fast hand position rotation. What’s more, they double up as dumbbells as you can easily add 5 lbs. weights to them.

Padded Bar Set
It’s an 8 inch foam padded bar that has a durable and long lasting vinyl cover. It can also be converted into a roller bar to perform jackknives and crunches, with the help of a quick release pin. The foot bar is foam padded as well, which makes for added comfort and stability. And the quick release pins ensure you can switch from one workout to another without any difficulty.

Weight Plates
These weight plates are made out of solid steel. You get four 5 lbs weight plates that have “fast stack” technology, which is responsible for quick resistance transitions.

Nutrition Plan
The nutrition plan is designed by reputed and respected fitness expert, Jim Stoppani, PhD. There are four body-blasting DVDs included along with a nutrition plan.

As you follow this nutrition plan with the eight-week training program using the JACK RACK, you will start seeing results where you lose fat and gain lean muscle. The secret of building lean muscle and shedding fat lies in the intake of adequate amounts of proteins as you reduce carbohydrate consumption. This Nutrition Plan allows you to have one cheat meal every week. You will also maintain your body metabolism; thus you will be able to melt burn calories and shed fat as well.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
A 30 day trial of Jack Rack® for $14.95 plus $34.50 S&H today. Then you pay 4 monthly payments of $62.49. Jack Rack® floor unit includes 2 hand grips, 2 five lb weight plates plus 1 beginner DVD workout program, 1 advanced fat loss DVD workout program and 1 advanced muscle building DVD workout program. Official www.Jack Rack.com Offer.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


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11 thoughts on “Jack Rack Review

  1. I too tried to order the jack rack. After 4 months of the run-around and false promises, I cancelled the order. It doesn’t matter how good the product is when you have such bad customer service and no product to ship. I might get this product if I see it in the store some day. But that’s the only way. Jack rack needs to get rid of the order fulfillment company they sell through. They have an F rating with the BBB. Beware!

  2. I too ordered this Jack Rack system in late December. I expected it to arrive within 2 weeks. Here it is April 23rd and I have gotten 2 emails (of which I had to initiate) telling me sorry, 4-6 week wait. The 2nd email was on April 13th telling me the product would be processed and handled within the next 72 hours. Still no Jack Rack. I sent another email congratulating them on their lack of service.

  3. BE VERY CAREFUL!!! The website asked if I could make one payment now and the 14.95 trial fee would be waived… BUT… they take the WHOLE $400+ payment all at once… so be careful. It does read that way… but you can tell it was designed to trick you if you did not read closely.

  4. I saw this Jack Rack product at a fitness show and could not order it fast enough!! 10 week later, 25 emails and calls to the Anti-customer service department forced me to cancel my order. I was so fed up with the process of getting it I could care less at this point. Too bad as it is a great product.. They just have no way to serve the demand they have created.

  5. I just received the Jack rack a couple days ago. Its Great!!! Its fun and not complicated. I’m a boxer and it really seems like it will help alot. Its a whole body workout, and focuses on strengthening the core.

  6. I ordered the Jack Rack July 10, by September 21 they never offered a email call or anything to explain the delay, I had to contact them. December they charged my CC and on the 19th I received the pad kit in a box marked 1 of 2. I never received box 2 of 2. I called to ask what the other tracking number was, they say they shipped everything and they only have one tracking number, FedEx says they don’t use the same tracking number on more than one box. I feel I got jacked alright. Ill wait a few more weeks for the other half to show up before disputing the CC charges and then I will contact the BBB and the Attorney General’s Office to file complaints.

  7. I was all excited about trying out the Jack Rack, until it turned into waiting for 12 weeks and still no shipment.. Customer service was awful and just kept giving me BS so I canceled my order. just by dealing with customer service, made me not want to keep the product on order… I would not recommend Jack Rack unless you want to wait 6 months for it to arrive..

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