JackHammer Abs

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What is JackHammer Abs

It is an innovative way to sculpt abs easily with next generation vibration technology called Activibe. It delivers 87% more muscle activation than any other traditional technique.

Sculpt Abs easily

JackHammer Abs is a revolutionary ab-toning machine that is made to eliminate the drawbacks of traditional technique. Crunches and sit-ups are the most basic forms of exercise when it comes to toning the mid-section area. The problem that one faces is the strain on the neck and lower back. The abs wheel is a good exercise technique but is quite strenuous on the lower back. JackHammer Abs is said to amalgamate this ab wheel structure with a vibration exercise literally to that of a jackhammer to provide muscle burning which is far more than regular workouts.

Comfortable design

JackHammer Abs promises to be very effective in building toned abs in only 60 days specifically because of its high-end design. Just like a jackhammer sends waves throughout the body and tightens the muscles while vibrating, the Activibe provides a similar feeling to the person using JackHammer Abs. The easy rolling mechanism is so finely designed that while rolling it for stretching out or to roll back puts no strain on any part of the body. In fact, JackHammer Abs claims that with every rep of stretching and rolling back there is equal pressure induced on the upper, middle and lower abs. Also the effectiveness of JackHammer Abs is said to be so high that every rep provides same amount of burning to the muscles consistently. Plus if the reps are performed in on the inside or outside motion then the side obliques are also shaped in the process. It is said that using JackHammer Abs can provide upto 87% more muscle activation than the conventional crunches and sit-ups. JackHammer Abs apparently has settings that provide different levels of vibration for people just beginning to use it or professional body builders. There is even an activAssist feature that recoils JackHammer Abs back to the amount of pressure put on it while rolling out to release strain from lower back. Storing it also is easy due to its flexible handles and compact size making it a perfect workout machine to be used at home.


What do I get?

  • JackHammer Abs Sculpting Machine
  • JackHammer Abs Workout Calendar
  • JackHammer Abs Meal Plan
  • JackHammer Abs Knee Mat

Price – $99.99 Official website jackhammerabs.com


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