ISO7X Reviews and Complaints

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Stronger, tighter, leaner…isometric training is the fastest way to build lean muscles, power and strength. With ISO7X you can do 30 different exercises. ISO7X has a built-in calibrated strength meter so you can track your progress and measure your results.

How does ISO7X work?

Take your workout to the new dimension with the power of isometrics. ISO7X uses static contraction to stimulate muscle growth. Features concentrated range of motion so the effort is focused where it needs to be….on the muscles. Simply activate the resistance and hold the contraction for 7 seconds.

No strain on the joints and no repetitions required. With calibrated strength meter you can track your progress daily. Save time and effort at the gym. Use ISO7X isometric workout machine just 10 minutes a day to build bigger chest, strengthen and shape your back, get powerful shoulders and arms, tighten your abs and obliques with one isometric machine.



What do I get?

  • Offer 1 (with bonus) $29.99 + $12.99 p and h
  • 1 ISO7X
  • 1 Exercise Wall Chart featuring 30 different exercises.
  • FREE BONUS – ISO Arms for explosive forearms. Just turn the handles inward to work the Flexor muscles and outwards to work the extensor muscle. (pay extra $6.99 p and h)
  • Offer 2 (without bonus) $29.99 + $12.99 p and h
  • 1 ISO7X
  • 1 Exercise Wall Chart featuring 30 different exercises.

Buy ISO7X Isometric Workout Machine from the official website and enjoy the benefits of free bonuses, money back guarantee and possible upgrades. ISO7X is covered by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee less s&h. If you are not satisfied with the product return it within 30-days for a full refund (less s/h) and keep ISO Arms as a gift for trying the ISO7X. Beware of counterfeit products. Official website



ISO7X Video


22 thoughts on “ISO7X Reviews and Complaints

  1. I was actually paying attention to this product for some time now and thought I want to find out more about it. In good old days it would be very easy to do that with the help of review sites that had genuine reviews about these products. But things seem to have changed and not for good unfortunately, because these review sites probably don’t exist anymore. Save a site like yours, there are other sites that are nowhere close to what a review site should be. They all have Buy Now tabs, which I find extremely surprising and disturbing at the same time. How can you trust a manufacturer and his or her product when such tactics are used to make products sell?

    • You simply can’t and there’s no reason to because these are not genuine methods. These are fake review sites, which are only trying to sell these products for manufacturers. Affiliate marketers are the in-betweens and they make a lot of money in the form of commissions. In today’s times when you think search engines are well versed with nabbing fake sites, this menace should have been stopped, but it hasn’t, which is a great pity.

  2. In the old day’s when I was a teen (early 70s ) I used a towel to use as resistance isometric exercises. The problem with that was it could injure the elbows if I wasn’t careful. I think the Iso 7X is much better in the long run.

  3. Oh yes,some of the pics don’t match with the reading, well I just go by what it says and was doing isometrics before this ISO7X is just more portable tool to do it, really you can do isometrics with just about anything.

  4. So far so good, two weeks already it works good for me and my kids do in it just as in the chart that comes with it.

  5. Well guys, I just bought the product at a local store and I paid only $8.99, so I can start doing some of the exercises that are listed on the chart.

  6. I just got one of these ISO7X Isometric Exerciser for Christmas, and I noticed the exact same thing these people noticed a year earlier; the pictures on the chart don’t match some of the exercises and the biceps exercise tells you to stand up when the straps don’t seem to be long enough. Other than that I can’t say because I’m just starting, but those seem like some pretty big things for the designers to goof.

  7. With this device you really have to examine the pictures and the excercise performed carefully. If you take the time to make the proper adjusments, with your arms, legs, and posture, these excercises really do work. Take your time with the device and try not to base everything on the commercial. The commercial sells the product, a little bit of fantasy, and truth, you just have to take the time to balance all three. Overall I like the product.

  8. i cant do half of the damn exercises, cause the straps arent long enough, does anybody else have the sam problem. like the low back exercise were you stand on one side of the straps and pull up on the other like a dead lift. I get the the steel tube part all the compacted, and im still standing at 60 degree angle. is this thing made for short people, im only 6 foot. some one get back to me if they have the same issues.

    • i have the same problem. I still have to look into that, I just do the other lower back workouts and just wing that one.

  9. The ISO7X Exercise Chart is not accurate. Some of the pictures do not match the exercise to be performed. It would be easier to perform the exercise correctly if there was a picture or diagram.

  10. ISO7X Review #2
    i dont understand which way to go on the chart. it seems to me that 7 seconds per muscle wont be enough.

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