Iron Arms Review

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Are you ready for more power, more force, and more intensity? Get the power, get Iron Arms! Rich Franklin, a martial arts champion, prefers Iron Arms for a total forearm workout and iron grip, to keep him ahead in the competition.


How does Iron Arms work?
Just rotate the wrists and Iron Arms’ steel spring technology delivers the resistance you need to develop stronger, bigger and more powerful forearms and improve you grip. Turn it inwards to activate the extensor muscles and outwards to hit the flexors, or try the one handed rotation for a more concentrated and intense workout.

Iron Arms can improve your game, whatever is the sport. So next time you can strike with your maximum amount of explosive power. Baseball players, golfers, tennis players and other sports-persons have found Iron Arms to be great for getting more power, better grip and more control.

Get Iron Arms by paying two easy installments, for $19.99. Just pay separate processing and handling. As a bonus, you also get a set of higher resistance springs, intermediate and advanced, to maximize your workouts, to get the results you are looking for, fast! You get a money back guarantee too, you get the durable, light design, compact, rotating forearm grip Iron Arms with two sets of higher resistance training and guarantee, for only $19.99! Get the competitive edge!

Iron Arms Forearm Exerciser Review

Iron Arms forearm exerciser as seen on TV is also marketed as “Iso-Arms.”
Iron Arms forearm exerciser is a device designed to target the forearm muscles. This is not a multi-function piece of equipment; it will not build biceps or give you rock hard abs. It is simply a forearm strengthening device. This is one selling point for the Iron Arms forearm exerciser, because there are not a lot of products that specifically target this part of the body.

While this is a selling point for some, it’s important to mention that some others would say that such investments are foolish because any weight lifting logically uses the forearms, and as such, forearm targeted machines and exercises are unnecessary.

If you are one of these people, this is a pretty good product. Essentially the Iron Arms forearm exerciser consists of two spring loaded hand grips within a plastic figure eight frame. Reps are performed by twisting at the wrist which compacts the springs creating resistance.

The motion can be done clockwise or counter clockwise to impact different muscles. The product does do an excellent job of isolating the forearms, and the impact on the muscles is quickly noticeable as you work.

In terms of the design, the product seems really cheap at first sight, but seems to be sturdy. The hand grips are well designed and comfortable, and the overall design is ergonomic and functional. When it comes down to it, this is a pretty simple device that simply does what it’s supposed to. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s pretty good. If you’re looking for an easier way to target your forearms, the “Iron Arms forearm exerciser” might be worth a try.



What do I get?

  • 1 Iron Arms
  • 2 Resistance springs (Intermediate and Advanced)



Reviews and Complaints
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