I.M Rings Body By Jake Review

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Have you always aspired to have that perfectly sculpted body but don’t have the time of the day to spend hours in the gym and work towards it? Moreover, exorbitant gym membership fees seem like a burden on your pocket. What if you were told that you can now get the perfect body shape from the comforts of your home? In fact, you can use I.M Rings by Body By Jake practically anywhere and see fantastic results within no time.


I.M Rings Body By Jake
This revolutionary dynamic suspension system has already created waves and has become a favorite with professional athletes and trainers alike.

But I.M Rings work for beginners who want to have a toned and sculpted body as well. They work beautifully because they harness your own body weight and you can perform hundreds of fitness exercises without any difficulty. You will be able to push the envelope with your strength training, work on your endurance, agility.

You can also use I.M Rings to build power in your body and get a distinct muscle definition. This technique has been used by those in the military and professional athletes for a long time and now you get to benefit from it.

The good thing about I.M Rings is that you can use them wherever you are; in your house, garage, office, in a park or in your hotel room while you are travelling. I.M Rings easily attach to doors with their patented anchoring system, which is extremely safe as well. Moreover they hardly take any time to install and set up, so that you can get started at the earliest.

What’s more, you get 7 Extreme Workout DVDs that will make your task of working out a lot easier. Now use your own body weight to get the sculpted body you want.



What do I get?

  • Telescoping Steel Bar
  • 2 industrial grade 9” rings
  • 2 climbing grade carabiners
  • 2 extension straps
  • 7 Extreme Workout DVDs
  • And a lifetime warranty

I.M Rings by Body By Jake are available to you for an amazing trial offer of $14.95 plus shipping and handling charge at www.officialimrings.com.



I.M Rings Body By Jake Video


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