Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser Review

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About Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser

Do you want to get rid of those extra pounds round your waist? Now you can tone and sculpt your body in the comfort of your home with the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser. It gives you maximum and positive results when used for just 3 minutes a day. It is also fun and easy to use.


Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser CLAIMS

It features a unique side to side movement to help target the entire core area. It also features cardio and ab exercises to burn calories and tone your abs. Just place your knees in the knee supports and start your workout for a sexier and healthier looking body. Spend just 3 minutes a day on the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser and get into shape.

With gravitational momentum, the friction free track simultaneously sculpts your upper, middle and lower ab muscles and obliques in a circular motion.

The best part is that it does not put any pressure or strain on your back or your neck. It only gives you a thorough impact free workout!

You can also do more than just an ab workout. Simply remove the central locking pin and turn your Ab Exerciser into a bun and thigh workout machine. Use the friction free track to work your legs and you can also sculpt, tone and firm your buns and thighs.

With the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser you can reduce the amount of time you exercise so you’ll get faster results. Use it for all fitness levels. It has 3 different inclinations levels and a total of 6 resistance levels.

How does Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser work?

The smartly designed Gymform Disk AB Exerciser asserts to effortlessly provide workout without working against the gravity with the traditional up and down movement. Instead, one has to use the gravitational power to strengthen the abs by swinging back and forth on its comfortable design. There is allegedly an additional option of firming the glutes by opening and closing the legs on Gymform Disk AB Exerciser.

Gymform Disk AB Exerciser asserts to be an innovative, at-home exercise machine that provides an easy workout at home. It helps in burning fat and achieving a flat tummy with washboard abs without stressing and straining.

Get in Shape – The incredible Gymform Disk AB Exerciser guarantees to offer flat stomach with chiseled abs by burning fat. It is achieved by a combination of cardiovascular exercise with an ab workout that targets and burns fat in the midsection while sculpting them. It is promised that Gymform Disk AB Exerciser can cut exercise time in half; such claims will be only proved once Gymform Disk AB Exerciser is reviewed.

Advanced Design – The sleek looking Gymform Disk AB Exerciser assures that it has 6 different resistance levels to suit users at various fitness levels. The control panel on Gymform Disk AB Exerciser also states to offer calorie counter, workout timer, and repetition counter. Also, it maintains to fold into a compact size that can be stored under the bed or in the closet easily. Does Gymform Disk AB Exerciser really offer good workout? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser Reviews

Walter Scott, a Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser reviewer, says that the machine offers decent exercise. The major problem he mentions in the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser review is that it has subpar quality as the blue plastic roller base split along its roller track in just 5 months of regular use.


What do I get?

  • Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser
  • Free diet plan booklet, filled with healthy, delicious recipes
  • Workout guide to help you shape, tone and strengthen your body
  • Multi-function on-board computer, complete with timer, to control your workout time

Order the Gymform Disk Ab Exerciser today for just £99.99.

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