Gymform Ab Storm Review

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Do you want to get rid of that extra flab around your middle and tone and tighten your abs? Here’s introducing the Gymform Ab Storm to help you lose the flab and get incredible abs. With the Gymform Ab Storm you can trigger, tighten and tone your abs in just a single effective workout.


Gymform Ab Storm
Gymform Ab Storm is so easy to use. When used for just a few minutes a day it gives you the results that you have always wanted.

Unlike back breaking crunches that require a lot of hard work and give you only get one third of the ab muscles, the Gymform Ab Storm works effectively on your upper abs, lower abs and obliques.

Abstorm is designed with an exclusive free wheel construction with three modes of resistance that easily works on your entire ab area.

Abstorm features a comfortable seat pad and back support and with a twisting motion it helps you get rid of those extra kilos and get the lean and healthier look you always wanted.

Abstorm combines two workouts in one. It works on your upper, lower and latter oblique abs and also gives you a great cardio workout.

You can also use the Gymform Ab Storm to tone, tighten and sculpt your buns and thighs. You get all these workouts in just one machine eliminating the need to use different machines.

When you are done using it simply store it away. This is one workout that you will love to do.



What do I get?
• Gymform Ab Storm
• The Abstorm Fitness Manual – a detailed guide to help you lose inches around your waist in just minutes a day
• Healthy Eating Guide – to help you speed up your progress towards the abs you’ve always wanted
• Fitness Radio

Order it today for just £99.99.

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Gymform Ab Storm Video

Abstorm from Paul Friend on Vimeo.


5 thoughts on “Gymform Ab Storm Review

  1. the gymform abswift can defective and there is no number or contact to get ahold of the company to replace it. This was purchased on Groupon – what a scam!

  2. I’d been told in the past to watch out for scams when buying products online. And after my experience today I have realized that nothing is what it seems like. I was looking for reviews for Gymform Abstorm, which is a product I was intrigued by. But I’d decided I won’t be spending my money on it if I didn’t read good reviews about it. But guess what; there were no genuine reviews about the product whatsoever. There were sites that told me they were review sites but they had the same jargon that manufacturers talk about. I could tell that instantly and stayed away from those sites. Then I found your site, which was very different from the rest and has instilled my faith in reviews again.

    • We can only imagine what a letdown it must have seemed like to not be able to find genuine reviews of products. It’s no consolation that there are many users who are going through the same situation these days. And it’s because manufacturers are making the most of the platform they get from affiliate marketers, right under the noses of search engines, which are not able to do anything about them so far.

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