Golds Gym Shockwave Review

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Have you been working out for a while now but have stopped seeing results anymore? In that case you might need to shock your muscles so that you start getting instant results. Golds Gym Shockwave helps you do just that so that you can take your strength training to a whole new level. 5 minutes of workout every day is all it takes to get the perfectly sculpted body you always wanted. Gain core strength like never before, work on your abs, chest, back and shoulder with ease and get those biceps you dream of without any difficulty, by using Golds Gym Shockwave.


Golds Gym Shockwave
Golds Gym Shockwave is heavier and stronger than those regular dumbbells in the market thus giving you greater muscle contraction for phenomenal results. It does that by harnessing more velocity, which is capable of amplifying the power of muscle contractions. Thus, you will start seeing dramatic results because your strength training will be at a much higher level. Your muscles contract 3.5 times more when you use Golds Gym Shockwave and it will affect the way you work your arms, core, back and chest. You end up engaging more muscle in a shorter span of time to great effect.

It takes only 5 minutes to get a complete upper body workout that will give you fantastic results. You can also tone your entire body with the meltdown workout in about 2 minutes. And if getting washboard abs is your dream then you can achieve that with the 5 minute core workout. Since you get results you desire by working out for shorter periods, you don’t have to slog for hours. Now you can have your own power gym wherever you are. Golds Gym Shockwave is ideal for beginners and professionals alike, which adds to its attraction.



What do I get?
You can buy Golds Gym Shockwave for $19.95 plus processing and handling charge at and get a Shockwave Workout DVD with your order.



Golds Gym Shockwave Video
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11 thoughts on “Golds Gym Shockwave Review

  1. I just bought one (5 lb) from a thrift shop in full working fashion.

    If you thought an exercise equipment was going to move on its own, you are stupid.

    I have used it as long as it took me to google it a few times (while googling) to make sure I wasn’t using it incorrectly.

    If you haven’t worked out in a while, or are not a gym bunny, you will get tired, quickly.

    Use it until you tire out. take a breather. repeat.

    I’m feeling a burn after 4 minutes. Seriously.

  2. I thought this this was supposed to shake on it’s own or something. If I shake it will slide into The end caps but makes an annoying knocking sound. this thing sucks. Saw it on T.V. and thought it would be much different.

  3. Does it vibrate by itself? cause mine doesn’t, in the video it looks like it vibrate by itself.

  4. This is the biggest piece of crap ever. Gold Gyms is nothing but a scam.. and will try their hardest to drain you of as much money as they can for any little thing.

  5. I bought Gold’s Gym Shockwave for my son’s B-Day. What a disappointment. It does not shake on its own. You have to shake it yourself. My son said lifting weights would be better.

  6. I bought the Shockwave Gym at Walmart for $13.98. It came with the shockwave and the workout DVD. I didn’t realize it was made out of plastic and when I try to shack it nothing slides back and forth I am just swinging it around in the air. If I do it hard enough I feel a little burn but nothing that will get results. Tomorrow I am going to return it and get the shake weight that looked like it was made with better quality and it comes with a DVD plus it was only 1$ more than the shockwave.

  7. Doesn’t work for me. In the videos it looks easy to get the thing moving. The one I got doesn’t vibrate like that – if you push hard you can get it to move, but mainly the plastic sticks to casing. No vibration. There is a workout video, but no actual instruction on how to get the thing to vibrate anywhere that I can find. I may just be doing it wrong, in the absence of any instruction on how to get it to vibrate, but it seems like a cheaply made thing where parts that are supposed to slide past each other are mis-made and so stick together. Mine will be returned tomorrow.

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