Forbes Riley’s SpinGym Review

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Anyone can use the Spin Gym. This fabulous product is something that can easily fit into your purse. The Spin Gym offers a full resistance workout that fits in the palm of your hand. The unique combination of precision engineered weight and high performance nylon wound together gives a proven gyrotronic resistance training like nothing else.


How does Forbes Riley’s SpinGym work?
The Spin Gym is not a toy. The faster and harder one pulls, the stronger the workouts. Spin Gym resistance training works by winding the strings and pulling them out to spin the center weight. This helps in tightening and toning muscles.

Workout anytime with the Spin Gym, whether while taking a walk or sitting down and watching television. Get long, lean, sexy muscles from biceps to triceps. Use it to strengthen and shape your shoulders and back. This works wonders on the chest. The entire upper body will burn as you work out.

The Spin Gym is compact and lightweight, giving you the opportunity to get a workout anytime, anywhere. It benefits all age groups. Fitness levels do not matter while using this wonderful product. It’s the perfect workout tool to pump up or use during a Pilates abdomen workout. You can also get a full calorie burning back melting workout. So why just sit around doing nothing or walk around aimlessly when you can Spin Gym? Why just walk when you can Spin Gym? Get a simple yet very intense workout with the Spin Gym.

SpinGym Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so special about SpinGym when it looks like an old toy?
Although it’s true that its basis comes from an old toy, modern day award winning German design has taken Gyrotronic Resistance Training to a significantly higher level. This sleek product is also almost indestructible because it’s made using a solid aluminium alloy. The option is yours; whether you want to carry SpinGym or lug around 10 kgs of dumbbells.

Who does SpinGym benefit?
SpinGym has its advantages for practically everyone; from beginners to those who are at an advanced fitness level. It has its applications in Senior centres and it can be used in shoulder rehab programs as well. Moreover cardio and kickboxing workouts with the product are making their presence felt in gyms all over the world. Those who are into sports like tennis can use it as a powerful warm-up routine and the same is true for other sports including volleyball, baseball, golf and volleyball. And those who are looking to build their toned sexy arms can benefit from SpinGym as well.



What do I get?

  • Award-winning 100% Solid Aluminum Alloy SpinGym®
  • Introductory workout DVD
  • Instructional Manual & Training Guide
  • FREE Neoprene Carrying Bag
  • FREE Extra Strength Cord!

Get the Forbes Riley’s SpinGym kit for just $24.95 and $4.99 shipping and handling. Official Forbes Riley’s SpinGym website – CA & FL residents, add sales tax to order total. Orders from AK, HI, PR, VI, GU & Canada, add $15. International orders (excluding Canada), add $20. Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery. All products have a 30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee.



Reviews and Complaints
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