Fluidity Bar Review

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Keeping fit is an important element that creates positive energy and a feel good factor and in today’s fast paced day and age one hardly gets time to focus on that. The Fluidity Bar is a great way to keep fit, lose weight and strengthen your body and once you start working out you are sure to discover the long lean lines, irresistible curves and the slimmer and sexier you.

How does Fluidity Bar Work

The Fluidity Bar provides a magnificent full body workout focusing equally at the front and back of your body. The whole body result is what is unique about Fluidity because of muscle integration, wherein the system forces the muscles to coordinate and work together, so one muscle flows into the other, creating a proportion. It strengthens the core, the upper body and the lower body, all at the same time.

The key to every exercise is whole body movement, considering the fact that the Fluidity Bar engages 75% more muscles than other workout activities. It is a great way to experience a full body workout. It also gives shape and flow to your whole body front and back and increases your metabolism.

With just two thirty minute workouts in a week required for Fluidity Bar, your precious time is saved. The result you get from a 30 minute workout equals nearly to the 6 hour workout from weight-machines or free-weight. Also while a traditional cardio workout burns calories for up to 2 hours after exercising, the Fluidity workout continues to burn calories for an amazing 48 hours.

This is an exceptional quality Fluidity Bar that arrives fully assembled. You just need to lift the bar, lock it in place as per your height/level of flexibility and experience a studio quality workout right in the comfort of your home. When you are done, simply fold it down and roll it away for a quick and easy storage. Also, its rubber coated feet resist scratching and sliding on floors/carpeting. This is a sleek, smart and a well-engineered fold down unit you simply stand on, strengthen and stretch using the minimum movement and sculpt your body.



What do I get?

  • The Ultimate Fluidity Bar System
  • Fluidity Bar with Mat
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced DVDs
  • Ball, Pump
  • Bands
  • Healthy Eating Guide

All this for $ 479.40 Official website fluidity.com



Fluidity Bar Video

9 thoughts on “Fluidity Bar Review

  1. do not get this Fluidity Barr if you are overweight. This product is flimsy and does not work I sent mine back could never get them on the phone stopped payment on my card they keep emailing me and I email them back sent the product back but they do not tell you when you send it back after the 30 day trial you pay and I had to pay $254.00 to send the item back rip off

  2. I watched the Fluidity Bar commercial. During one of the demos the lady doing the talking said something to the effect “we all know push ups don’t develop your triceps, push ups develop your biceps. All the models nodded in agreement.” At that time I turned it off. Push ups do not target your biceps. I am sure she was going to try and tell us that we have upper and lower abs next.

  3. I just received my Fluidity bar today 3/30/13 and will begin in the morning. I have watched the beginners part of the videos once I am very our of shape and over weight. I would have like to see testimonials of overweight people who have benefited from fluidity. I am currently 251 pounds. I will take my measurements and before pics. Much success to all fluidity users.

  4. I ordered mine in Feb and still waiting. It is supposed to ship on 24 Mar. Really? I paid in full. BTW, the $14.99 offer will be charged first and if you decide to keep the item, you still will be charged the entire cost. The $14.99 is not deducted but added on to, so read the fine print. That is why I paid for mine in full. Expected quicker shipping and delivery. I’ll post after I get it and see what it is all about.

    • I ordered on Feb 1, and got mine on Mar 4. Not sure why it takes so long. I ordered from their website directly. After I ordered, but before it shipped, they had a better deal on their site. I called customer service and they said they would refund the difference after my unit shipped. They did do so, I’m happy to say. HSN also has fluidity now and again, but I don’t know how predictable their appearances are. The price is much better at HSN when available. (I did not ask, nor would I expect, fluidity.com to honor the HSN price.)

      I’ve faithfully done the workout every M, W, F since I got my fluidity bar, and I am both seeing and feeling improvement 7 days a week. I do wish I had the stretch dvd to do on the off days. The stretching feels so good, and I’m NOT flexible at this point in time, so working that daily would be a good thing.

      The product is exactly what I expected, and the system is well suited to my lifestyle. I’m a “beginning beginner”, so I’ll have a long way to go to get to the limits of the dvd set. I believe anyone will benefit from this system, as long as their interaction with the bar is not limited to an occasional dusting. (Which was about the extent of my relationship with a behemoth elliptical trainer I once had a fling with – so I say that without judgement!)

      • Yay for Pat’s review 🙂
        I knw Pat’s review is 6 yrs old, but…I can relate & appreciate that sense of humor!
        Wld be great to see updates 🙂
        Just bought the Fluidity Barre w/ 3 DVD’s from a neighbor & look fwd to my ‘beginning, beginner’ foray bck to some strength & fitness.
        Def needed a low impact plc to start…frm somewhere!

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