Flex Force Ultimate Personal Training System Review

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About Flex Force

Unlike many home gyms Flex Force can deliver a entire gym full of equipment. 50 exercises on one dynamic machine. Flex Force gives you one-on-one personal training sessions with professionals always there to push you to the limit, motivate you and help you achieve dramatic athletic transformation.


Flex Force Review

All the cords of Flex Force could get tangled and you may not be able to fix them to even set up Flex Force.

The bad news is that Flex Force does not come with assembly instructions. Even if you want to look for the instructions online you will not be able to find any. Flex Force comes with only 12 bolts and some washers for assembly so you could end up messing it up.

Flex Force does not come with any DVD’s. The booklet that comes with it explains the DVD’s, but there is none with it.

You may encounter problems with the mesh guards that are supposed to cover the vertical bands. They do not fit properly.

Directions to use Flex Force are a little bit confusing because the manual refers to pieces by a letter designation but there is nothing on those components to note which is which. Once put together, Flex Force works very well and comes with a lot of material to get you started with different exercises. Flex Force is not recommended for anyone who is into serious lifting, as the maximum tension you can get on the stock machine is only 74 pounds.

Flex Force Ultimate Personal Training System

Constructed from the gym-quality steel Flex Force is pure steel power that is sturdy and versatile for a total body muscle sculpting workout unlike any other and it is build for comfort with soft padded seat, cushioned handles, the sturdy foot plate and lower body attachment that easily adjust to move from one exercise to the next.

The secret of Flex Force is the “Bi-Directional Resistance System”. The power resistance cables deliver the muscle sculpting power in both directions activating maximum muscle fibers in a full range of motion.

Resistance The color coded red, grey and black cables offer variable resistance with 14 different weight settings to fit your fitness levels. Start with the grey cable for 5 lbs of weight or easily adjust by selecting or combining the heavier cables to get all the way up to 74 lbs of intense resistance for sculpting your muscles.

Flex Force Storage Flex Force gym folds away for easy storage.

Flex Force Exercises

The Flex Force Personal Training System packs in 50 body sculpting exercises into 1 universal machine. Below are a few sample workouts you can do with the Flex Force System.


Muscles targeted: back
Seat position: Down
Handle / Cuff Position: Low

Exercise description : Place right foot on the foot plate. Grasp left lower cable with hand. step back with left foot well behind right foot, keeping slightly bent and back straight. Place right hand on right knee for support. Pull left cable until elbow is behind back and shoulder squeezed. Return to starting position. Repeat on right side


Muscles targeted: Brachioradialis
Seat position: Up
Handle / Cuff Position: Low

Exercise description : Sit on seat with abdominals contracted and both feet on the foot place. Bend forward and grasp lower cables. With elbows to side, raise cables until forearms are vertical. Lower until arms are fully extended. Repeat.


Muscles targeted: Brachioradialis
Seat position: Up
Handle / Cuff Position: Low

Exercise description : Sit on seat with abdominals contracted and both feet on the foot place. Bend forward and grasp lower cables with an overhand grip. With arms at your sides. Raise cables until forearms are paratel with the floor. Keeping elbows in lower until arms are fully extended. Repeat.


Muscles targeted: wrist flexors
Seat position: Up
Handle / Cuff Position: Low

Exercise description : Sit on seat with abdominals contracted and both feet on the foot place. Bend forward and grasp lower cables with palm facing up. Rest forearms on thighs with wrists just beyond knees. Raise cables by gripping and pointing knuckles upward as high as possible. Lower repeat.


Muscles targeted: Brachioradialis
Seat position: Up
Handle / Cuff Position: Low

Exercise description : Sit on seat with abdominals contracted and both feet on the foot place. Bend forward and grasp cables vertically with palms facing in towards one another. Put cables up towards shoulders. Return until arms are fully extended repeat.


Muscles targeted: Brachioradialis
Seat position: Up
Handle / Cuff Position: Low

Exercise description : Sit on floor facing the machine. Grasp lower cables with palms facing up. Roll down slowly to a lying position. When bent knees. Place feet against seat extend upper arms straight out against the floor. Pull cables to front of shoulders until elbows are completely fixed. Lower cables until arms are fully extended. Repeat.


Muscles targeted: Down
Seat position: Down
Handle / Cuff Position: High

Exercise description : Sit on seat with abdominals contracted and both feet on the foot place. Bend forward and grasp lower cables with an overhand grips Rest forearms on the thighs with wrists with just beyond knees. Raise cables by pointing knuckles upward as high as possible .Return until knuckles are pointing downward as far as possible. Repeat



Muscles targeted: Triceps brachii
Seat position: Down
Handle / Cuff Position: High

Exercise description : Sit on sit with abdominals pulled in and both feet on the foot plate. Grasp cables from behind with a narrow overhand grip and bent elbows. Fully extended forearms overhead lower and Repeat.


What do I get?

  • Workout DVD/CDs included
  • 1 Body Basics – An introductory workout session to get you started.
  • 3 Flex Force lower body workouts to lift your back, develop sexy legs, define calves.
  • 3 Upper body workouts to define arms, shoulders, chest and back.
  • 1 Full Body-Blast a non stop workout that goes from one exercise to the next giving you a time efficient full body workout that takes as little as 20 minutes.
  • 1 Turbo Flex – Crank up the intensity intermixing targeted Flex Force exercises with fun, super charged cardio drills to get it all done in one time efficient workout that helps in reducing calories and tone muscles at the same time.
  • 1 Drills and Skills a power-packed fun cardio burn to maximize your Flex Force cardio training.
  • 1 Unique audio cardio program that you can easily download to your mp3 player to take your Flex Force Personal Trainer Program with you. Go hiking, power walk or for a marathon.
  • 1 Exclusive Ab Shredder Flex Force Workout
  • Flex Force Program Guide The Flex Force Program Guide contains easy instructions and your 30-Day training calender. These pre-scheduled calenders make getting your results easy.
  • 30-Day Training Calender Your trainers have formulated the right workout sessions on the right days that match your goals to get results fast.
  • Slim and Trim Calender The slim and trim calender has sessions scheduled for burning calories to shed pounds and inches fast.
  • Sleek and Lean Calender The sleek and lean calender has sessions for toning up while slimming down to get back into your favorite sexy clothes.
  • Rock and Rip Calender To build bulging biceps and rip your abs and get your athlete level transformation.
  • Also included with your Program Guide is the Delicious Daily Meal Planner, Shopping and Dining Out Guide, Complete nutritional plan that’s filled with delicious foods you love plus 10 simple rules to loose weight quickly and daily a journal to track your progress.
  • Bonuses:
  • Exercise cards
  • Secret food formula

This special trial offer for the Flex Force is only $14.95, and includes FREE shipping and handling. For 30 days you will be able to enjoy your Flex Force in the comfort of your own home. Then, if you choose not to return your Flex Force by the end of the 30 days, your credit card will be charged $49.95 a month for 4 months. The full purchase of this product is backed by a 30 day, money-back guarantee. Tax will be applied to orders from NY, NJ, CT and NV.

Customer Service For customer service inquiries, please call 1-866-533-1179.
Please Visit The Official Website www.FlexForce.com


Flex Force Question and Answers

Q. What comes with the Flex Force machine? How many bands? What weights are they? Does it come with any DVD’s?
A . Flex Force comes with 3 Flex Cards with 50 different exercises, 7 DVD’s, 3 levels each. Gray band=5 lbs, Red band= 12 lbs and Black bands= 20 lbs. 2 of each color.


Q. Does Flex Force fold up for storage when not in use? If so, how small is its footprint when folded?
A . Flex Force does fold up and takes up about 3X4 feet.


Q. What assembly is needed to put Flex Force device together? How long would it take for one person to do it?
A . Flex Force requires assembly. It will take you about an hour to do it yourself. You have to put the frame together, cables are already in place and you have to put the seat on. It is tightening bolts and nuts.


Q. Is it possible to add tension by twisting the bands somehow?
A . You can add tension by clipping more than one band together during the exercise but not by twisting the bands. You can clip all 3 bands together for most resistance.


Q. Can you work butt muscles or glutes with Flex Force?
A . Yes, the Flex Force machine works the butt great. You can do squats, dead lifts, standing hip extensions, kneeling hip extensions, and kneeling kickbacks. These are all designed to work the butt muscles. The Flex Force machine is also really easy to put together and doesn’t take up much space.


Q. I can see how the arms are exercised. How are the legs exercised with Flex Force?
A . Flex Force has straps that fasten to ankles for resistance weight just like the hand straps for resistance band weight lifting. Flex Force works great without all the weights to move around.


Q. What are the dimensions of Flex Force when set up? H x W x L, (back to front). How much space do you need to use it? Would a 6 ft x 6 ft area work?
A . With the footplate and exercise card display attached, it is roughly 45 inches front to back, 47 inches tall and 30 inches wide. Removing (or not installing) the card display brings the front to back measurement down around 36 inches (3 feet). As to whether this will work in a 6×6 area, as long as you are under 6 foot you should be able to perform some (but not all) exercises. More space would be ideal as some exercises require you to fully extend legs and arms while others require you to position yourself on floor in front of machine.


Q. What body parts does the Flex Force machine work?
A . Flex Force works the arms, legs, and core.


Q. How much weight are the bands are equivalent to and what is the maximum resistance for each side would be in LBS?
A . The bands are 5, 12 and 20. One side is 37. You can use all bands for one exercise which is 74 and you can combine them in various ways to make different weights. The Flex Force machine comes with a chart.


Q. What are the flat dimensions of the Flex Force machine? I am trying to determine if it can fit under my sofa.
A . Flex Force would require more than 8″ clearance under the couch because you need room for the cushion chair to fit.


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8 thoughts on “Flex Force Ultimate Personal Training System Review

  1. O/K so you didn’t get the DVD’s, but did you still use the chair?? Have you tried to use it even though?? Did it work like they say on the web page?? How is the resistance, did it feel like it actually works??

    • I got the Flex Force system without the workout CD. It is a good system. But i need the workout CD to have even flow working out and not having to stop and look how to position myself etc. Have tried twice to get the CD from them. I have not seen them yet.

      • I got Flex Force without the dvds as well, I contacted the company and they said they are looking into it. I threatened them with the reporting them to the BBB for false advertisement if I dont get them. Let you know what happens.

  2. So looks like I’m not getting my DVD’s at all. The generic call center says they have no way to order it. If you have complaints against Flexforce go directly to the owners. The owners of Flexforce is Emson. If you bought this and want to complain do so here: http://www.emsoninc.com/contact


  3. I also ordered this and didn’t get the DVD set. I called and still have not received DVD trainer set. This company is a complete scam. This is a waste of money, do not buy this product.

  4. I bought the complete program but they didn’t send me the DVD set. When ever I called them they say they will ship but it never happened it is already over 2 months. The service is really bad. I think I wasted my CAD$ 250.

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