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What is FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra – As per the infomercial it is a multi-level adjustable magnetic resistance workout bike that helps in weight loss. It also has built-in resistance bands that provide upper body workout as well. FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra claims to be a flexible, adjustable stationary workout bike that helps in toning and losing weight.


Stay fit at home – FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra promises to provide a high-intensity cardio with its variable features. FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra asserts to have multiple levels of adjustable magnetic resistance and adjustable padded cushions provides a thorough workout to users of any size and shape. Currently there are no FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra reviews available to substantiate with its claims.

Track your progress – FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra promises to provide an output pertaining to the workout performed. FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra states to have an LCD display that offers six various tracking functions – speed, time, distance, scan, calories, and pulse. Its fixed handlebars allegedly provide hand pulse functionality. There are no FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra reviews available that will verify its claims.

Salient features – FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra assures to be completely foldable, perform the workout and simply fold up and wheel away for easy storage. Additionally, FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra guarantees that its nonskid foot pedals with safety traps provides a perfect workout every time. It maintains to have resistance bands too for an easy upper body workout along with cycling. Did you find FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra helpful? Send us your reviews.


Lindsay Lee, a FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra user complains that the bike kept squeaking even after tightening the fasteners and lubricating the flywheels. Another issue in her FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra review is that the seat hurts the buttocks and is not very comfortable to use for shorter people.

Another FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra customer Tracey Morrison states that the poor design of its seat cut the circulation in her legs on prolonged use. She also noted in her FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra review that the bike doesn’t starts making sound and slowly its pedal motion becomes less smooth under heavy use.

A FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra user Veronica Owen says in her review that the bike made clicking sounds at higher resistances and its heart rate monitor was a bit off.

One customer, Jane Stanley, writes in her review that she found FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra flimsy as her bike’s pedal broke off after only couple of uses.

A review of FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra by Amelia Clarke asserts that the bike’s construction is poor and all its parts wear out easily. She found that the flywheel was not balanced well. Also the belt started to shred up and fall apart as black particles under the bike after each use. She adds in her FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra review that her knees got stressed due to this erratic resistance.

Ryan Richardson, a fitness enthusiast found FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra’s design uncomfortable. In his review he writes that his back and buttocks started to hurt after 10 minutes of use. According to his review, lack of ergonomic design makes FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra strenuous to use.

Constance Silva, another FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra reviewer complains of lack of ergonomic design and adjustments to find a comfortable position.

A FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra review by Julius Curry claims that the bike started to make clunking noise on each rotation after a month of regular use. His FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra review further adds that the seat and backrest starts to wobble a lot. The seat metal rod clinks too with each rotation.

Ruth Mitchell sounds highly disappointed according to her FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra review. She noticed that the assembly inside the bike was not working well and there were no satisfactory tension upon changing the resistance. She warns other users in her FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra review that the bike is weak in construction and not durable at all.

One other customer of FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra, Krista Hanson reveals in her review that the measurements on the bike are way off. The counter has issue counting calories and the heart rate sensor doesn’t work.

According to Luz Strickland’s FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra review, the bike isn’t stable enough for performing the exercises well. His review also complains of lack of instructions to assemble FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra.

Sonia Holloway found FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra useless. In her review she says that the seat is uncomfortable and makes the thigh hurt. Additionally, her FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra review says that the bike makes loud sound while working.
Bill Reese, a FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra reviewer says that the bike caused back pain in few minutes of use. As per his FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra review the bike is also hard to pedal and isn’t smooth to provide any satisfactory cardio.

FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra Questions and Answers

Q. What are the seat dimensions of FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra?
A. It has a fairly large seat that can easily accommodate people of various height and weight.

Q. Does FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra provide upper body and arms workout as well?
A. Technically, it is an exercise bike meant to provide lower body workout. But the resistance bands do provide a little of upper body and arms workout.

Q. Is there a slot available on FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra to hold tablets or readers?
A. No.

Q. Can FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra be used for spinning as well?
A. No, it is meant to be only an exercise bike.

Q. Can FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra get easily assembled?
A. Yes, it requires minimum assembly which is pretty easy to perform.

Q. Is the seat on FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra comfortable to sit?
A. The seat on this bike is cushioned well but will cause hurt and issues for shorter individuals.

Q. Can FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra fold away easily after use?
A. Yes, one needs to simply pull the pin and fold it.

Q. Is FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra lightweight to move it from one room to another?
A. Yes, can be moved between rooms, even though it is sturdy and heavy after assembly, it can be moved.

Q. What is the maximum weight that FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra can hold?
A. It can accommodate users up to 220 lbs. weight.

Q. Is the magnetic resistance in FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra same as the ones used in gym?
A. Yes, it is the same exercise mechanism used in bikes at the gym.

Q. Is FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra adjustable to accommodate shorter people?
A. Yes, it can be easily adjusted to accommodate someone shorter, for example a 5’1” individual.

Q. Where does the pin and knob get attached after folding FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra?
A. For storage purposes, fold the bike and place the pin in the frame in the hole close to the knob. The knob stays attached to the bike.

Q. Does FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra make clicking noise while pedaling?
A. No, it must be a flaw in the gearing system.

Q. Is FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra quiet?
A. It has a little noise but nothing too loud.


What do I get?

  • 1 Flex Bike Ultra with Hardware
  • 2 AA Batteries

Price: $229.99 at the official website:

4 thoughts on “FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra REVIEW

  1. Tom Frost- be glad they made it right. It is complaints like this- ungratefulness that make companies not want to help others. I’m on here trying to get an honest review on performance of the bike. You have not submitted a review. Just an issue on craftsmanship. Please keep to the subject. Write to the company on other matters.

  2. Granted, I have only been using my Flex Bike Ultra about 10 days, riding 10 or 15 miles a day, but I am skeptical of reviewers who say it is flimsy, has no instructions etc. Mine, ordered on QVC, had extremely detailed assembly instructions and comments on use. It is extremely solid and much sturdier than I expected, not plastic but very heavy solid metal. I do not see how the pedals could break after a couple of uses, unless—(1) the user ignored the specific warning to be mindful of attaching the RIGHT pedal to the righthand side of the bike, and the LEFT pedal to the lefthand side of the bike. The pedals are clearly marked “R” and “L.” Or (2) the user did not correctly screw the pedal onto the bolt and tighten sufficiently with the supplied wrench. The pedals are a very sturdy rigid plastic.
    I do agree the seat is too hard; however there are creative remedies. I folded a yard square piece of 1/4″- to -1/2″- thick quilt batting to lay on the seat and it can be positioned to cushion my thighs. It stays in place with no problem and works fine. I got the bike to in order turn my TV watching to better use, and binged on 3 episodes of The Last Ship consecutively without getting off the bike, and the seat was fine.
    I have also seen reviewers elsewhere say assembly was an easy 15 minute snap. Well, I’m 74, my late husband was an engineer who did all our assembly projects so I’m inexperienced at bike assembly. It took me a whole lot longer alone to get it done. I totally did not expect to have to put in that much effort. I do have essential tremor which is a factor, but the videos showing a 3-minute quick screw on 4 items are just a tiny bit misleading.
    I do think it helps in the use of the bike to be experienced in cardio workouts; I, too, find that the readout is not always spot-on. I spent years jogging, weight training and riding a stationary bike, so I have no problem managing intensity on this one, as the pulse readouts are good enough to pick you rate of effort and maintain it. I totally like it so far plus the QVC deal was super so I am a fan. 4-stars so far.

  3. It came with the smokey glass broken, I called to tell them and they sent me a hole new frame which is great, but now I have a second heavy frame and if I want I have to change everything which is a pain in the butt. I would need to buy seat,legs, computer, screws, everything to make any sense in having two frames. All,I wanted was the smokey glass, now I have a pain.

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