Ab Glider from ProForm Reviews and Complaints

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What is Ab Glider

Do you have enough free time to exercise and keep in shape? For those with insufficient time and need to always be in shape, you will love the amazing Proform Ab Glider machine! The Proform Ab Glider is a great fat burning and cardio burn out too and it’s great fun! Unlike other ab machines, Proform Ab Glider combines circular and crunch motions for a fast, fun and easy workout for your mid-section.

How does Ab Glider work?

The machine has dual training to double the amount of calories you burn and 44per cent more muscle relaxation than other abs machines; Proform Ab Glider engages more muscles, gets a better workout for you to give you the results you desire. Happy customers have reported amazing stories of going from even size 11 to size 4. The off the floor ab workout with the Proform Ab Glider gives you the proper form to get maximum calorie burn without injuring your neck or back. The 180 degree rotation track of the machine provides an exceptionally smooth lateral motion and locks in place for vertical motion.

The Proform Ab Glider’s incredibly strong and sturdy steel frame and track is built to last a lifetime. You will also receive a bonus of an on- board workout computer, Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s three minute rapid result DVD and Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s amazing instructional abs DVD along with an Amazing Abs Eating Guide!



What do I get?

  • 1 Ab Glider
  • Weight-Loss Eating Guide
  • Amazing Abs DVD
  • 3-Minute Results DVD

Ab Glider – www.ProForm.com for just $149.99 + s and h


Ab Glider Video


64 thoughts on “Ab Glider from ProForm Reviews and Complaints

  1. Had the Elisabeth Hasselbeck Ab Glider for a week loving it felt it in my arms at the beginning, but starting to get the exercises right and I’ll be back in a week to see if I’m still loving it.

    • Oh just to help others. Couch potato. Walking is about the most I do and that’s walking my son to school (takes about 15mns one way) I am a size 18-20 lady 165cm tall and 102.5 weight 😉

  2. Just got my machine and had a handy man put it together in no time. I was concerned about extra pieces… I got on it and the seat felt unsteady I then realize to so side to side I had to pull the pin. I was disappointed about that. I felt it in my arms and buttocks. I held my stomached in and I will view the videos another day. I hope I feel better about it then. My friend has an ab glider and this one is different from hers I really liked her so I will give it a few more tries…. I hope I am not disappointed.

  3. I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. It’s not hard to put together first of all, unless you are a complete moron, second of all the machine works great. My stomach has signs of a 12 pack after six months of use, maybe you people are just idiots. I mean I don’t see what the problem is. I am up to like a 1000 reps every other day. I was a fat mess, now I look great!

  4. I purchased this Ab Glider for my husband and I. The only positive thing I have to say about it is the assembly was easy and it’s a good workout for your arms. Besides that, I think it’s a joke. First of all, I don’t feel any different in my abs than I did before, and secondly, having to constantly take out the pin, move the pin, put in the pin, is just annoying and a waste of time. Stopping in the middle of the workout to remove the pin is just not my idea of a good workout. I do not recommend this product.

    • I read this complaint on another review page and someone else suggested that they may be doing it wrong. Try using your ab muscles to make the machine work. The way I understand it the handle bars are basically to keep you stabilized.

  5. We are very disappointed with this Proform product, which is really low quality and should be pulled out of the market and maybe redesigned, as the concept is good, but the quality is lacking. We purchased it at the end of Jan/2011, and the bushing #297040 broke in less that 3 months. We received a new bushing under warranty, but it didn’t even last a month and broke again! We think you owe us a refund.

  6. I noticed that the AB coaster has an optional weights added at the sides of the seat. Does anyone know if that one is better than the ab glider? More of a workout with better results? someone who has tried both. What do you all think?

  7. I’ve seen this ProForm Ab Glider in the store, have watched the infomercial and went to the web site. Read the reviews & now I’m totally confused!! The reviews are an awesome tool when wanting to buy something!! But it’s about a 50/50 split…love it/hate it! Want to lose about 40 pounds & have kicked around the idea of joining Planet Fitness…would be nice to not have to work out with all the skinny pretty people. But like the idea of being able to use the other machines for a total work out. The downside is I had my knee scoped a month ago & kneeling is out of the question for now. Will the Pro Form give me the same kinda work out and results I can get in the gym? Know that workouts aren’t easy…if they are…they’re not working! But I want to see results ASAP!

  8. This machine is GREAT! Not sure why people are having a hard time assembling it. Took me less then 45 min and was pretty easy with straightforward directions. The DVD was helpful but not really necessary as it is pretty much self explanatory. My arms are killing me but that is just because I am not in great shape and not used to using the muscles that the glider requires you use. My stomach area is burning and that means it is working! Very happy with this purchase and would tell anyone who wants flat abs to GO FOR IT!

  9. I just took it to the dumpster. I could never assemble this piece of crap. None of the crew holes lined up! (I’m not an idiot, I assemble IKEA and other products with no problem.) The company wanted to charge me more than I paid for the product to assemble it. I don’t trust this product so I didn’t want to invest that much money into a product that was obviously poorly engineered. Buyer Beware!

    • I found some of it hard to line up but it does state that it takes 2 to put together properly. My husband and I had to do it together and move it correctly to line up the holes. Other then that no prob and love the workout!

  10. I just purchased this machine today! I have been wanting it forever. It took about 30 minutes to put together until I got to the seat. The holes were not aligned properly but after much persistence I did get it finished. My problem is my feet hit the bottom of the machine and the knob at the back that stops the seat. I am 5’9, is this a problem for anyone else? Any suggestions or ideas? So far other than that I love it and I bought mine at Wal-Mart.

  11. I want to buy the product but I dont know if its worth it? can someone tell me if it work so I can decide to buy it?

    P.S” I am 5’2

    • I got it this weekend and LOVE IT! I had no problem putting it together so I have no clue what everyone else is talking about. It really works you out, not just your abs but arms legs and back muscles as well! I say go for it!

  12. I bought the Ab Glider yesterday, used it for 35 minutes, when I stopped my knees were red and had what it looked like to be small blisters. I weigh about 114 so I’m not sure if it is because I’m to light for it that made my knees rub back and forth on the knee pads or not? It’s the only thing I can think of that would make it so I am not held down to the knee pads. I’m bringing the product back today. Also when I wore workout pants with it it made me slide off the machine (no it wasn’t my pants because I tried different pairs on to make sure).

  13. I really like this product. It took me a few workouts to get adjusted to the machine and how it really works on your muscles. There are so many different workouts you can do for your abs and the DVD shows them all. I needed something to work my triceps and my abs and this works for those areas VERY well. The first workout I attempted was a bit difficult. It hurt my back a little and I felt like I was using my arms more than anything so my arms were very sore. But I tried it again and I really focused on watching the DVD to see the proper motions that they are doing and I realized I was doing it wrong. Keep your back straight, legs slightly bent, arms at ~90 degree angle, and really pull the machine up using your abs and tighten them when coming up .

    I’m kinda short (5’2”) and I noticed that if you put your knees further to the front where the top of your knee hangs over a little bit then you wont strain your back as much and you will have more control over each glide. Its a little bit harder of a workout but it really makes you feel it in your abs. You ARE going to sweat using this machine. Im only 24 and in pretty good shape and I even sweated. If its really hurting your back then you might not be doing it properly. At first I was sitting back all the way on my knees and I noticed that was hurting my back more because it was really stretching it. If you have your legs slightly bent and your back straight then it forces your abs to do the work instead of your arms and back. This is not a machine for lazy people. You really have to try to get the motions right, but once you do, you will really start feeling it in your abs instead of in your arms and back.

    My machine didn’t look any different than the one on the DVD and I just bought it about 3 weeks ago. I dont even do the workout but maybe twice a week and I can already start seeing a result in my stomach. Its great cardio too! Keep trying to do the motions right by watching the DVD closely and watching how they have their legs, arms, and back. You have to concentrate on doing the workout correctly just like any other workout. The commercial for the ab glider even mentions that it works your entire body…arms, abs, legs, back…everything! And it really does!

  14. I am extremely dissatisfied so far… I bought the machine last night and put the videos in and the machine on the video and on the box is WAY different then the machine I have… the handlebars are half the size and it feels like its gonna fall apart any minute using it …. not sturdy at all …. it hurts your back more than anything!! Is there anyway I am able to get the same machine that’s in the video ?? It looks way easier to use ….. and can someone measure there handlebars and let me know how long they are so I can compare mine??? Thank-you!!

    I also called customer support and they were nothing but rude … and said they had them redesigned because they had complaints about back pain ….. this newly redesigned one hurts your back A-LOT! so not sure what she’s talking about!!!! just very disappointed and it feels like its just a gimmick!!

  15. Praise, praise, praise!! I am 42 years old and have been looking for equipment that gives these results for 20 years!! I have never in my life seen my abs and now I do and I love doing the workout. It took a bit to get my arms strong enough to work my abs the best but my arms are in great shape too because of it. I started the ab glider a little over a month before going to Mexico on vacation and couldn’t believe I could wear a small two piece and felt great in it! I am also the mother of three kiddos so I never thought I would show my stomach in public again… ! Two of my friends have already bought one because they see the results on me and another friends is going to get one too. I love it!

    • Can you please tell me if your handle bars match the ones that are in the video or if they are shorter?? I just bought one and my handlebars are half the length and all it does is hurt my back because you have to bend your back so much in order to use it!! The one in the video looks like it would be way easier to use and it would actually work!! Thanks.

  16. Really disappointed in this purchase. Regarding the effectiveness of the exercises, let me qualify by saying that if you are out of shape and/or do very little for the core, you will feel this. However, there are literally dozens of exercises that can be done without a machine that will provide much more benefit. Secondly, the quality of the product just seems cheap to me. Keep thinking that it’ll break any minute while my wife and kids are using it. Great marketing is convincing you to spend your hard earned dollars on something you didn’t know you wanted or needed. Chalk one up to T&A and marketing.

  17. I love my Ab Glider I put it together by myself was easy only took about 30 min I started my diet and Ab glider on Feb 28 I did a weigh in on the 7th of march I lost 4 pounds and an inch I’m so happy its very encouraging machine I workout for only less than 10 mins a day everyday my tummy is getting flatter I also made up some of my own workout tech and very fun I felt it in my arms for the first few days and my ab but the pain is gone I feel great…..

  18. I love it, everyone who is saying bad things about it is crazy, they are looking for something to easy. If you cant put it together have your man do it thats what I did. I only took 45 min. Its super fun and there are so many other moves you can do on it that they dont show, use your head and you can come up with some cool ideas for legs and butt. I thought my abs were in good shape but I have been sore for 3 days, I love it!

    • I agree 100%! I think a lot of people think that it looks like an easy workout and when they do it they find out it takes time and power. I am not in good shape at all and I am super sore today but any workout is hard. If you are hurting in the right places then you are doing it correctly!

  19. I purchased this Proform Ab Glider from QVC.com. It arrived with broken parts although the box was not damaged. I contacted Pro-form Customer Care as directed. Customer service did not want to replace broken parts; wanted me to buy them; then finally did send but without the screws to hold together. Directions in User Manual are incomplete at best. I had to get an appliance repair person to put it together; he had to get the rest of screws needed. When I tried to just return it to QVC, they wanted me to pay return shipping and a restocking fee so they could sell this broken equipment to someone else. Extremely disappointed with QVC and this product. My experience says never buy from QVC and never buy products made by Pro-Form. My rating is zero for both.

  20. I have gained a lot of weight, especially in my belly area around my waist, is this going to help me actually burn the fat around my waist? I know cardio helps you actually loose weight all over.. but I sprained my ankle and I cant really do anything on my feet for right now… will this Proform Ab Glider help burn some fat while my foot is rehabilitating?

    • I just bought the Ab Glider and it is a lot of strain on my legs. If you sprained your ankle I do not suggest buying this product. :/

    • It will only hurt your arms for a few days…..after that you can really feel the Ab Glider in the abs. I can still feel the use of my arm muscles, but it no longer hurts.

      • Lisa is right Roger. Ive done the workout 3 times and the first time I used it my arms were really sore and my stomach was barely sore at all…But this last time I used it my stomach muscles were really sore all over, which means the machine did a really good job working ALL of my stomach muscles. Don’t give up on it! Your triceps will get stronger but so will your stomach and you will be able to put more of the weight on your stomach muscles. Also, I noticed that if you really try and flex your stomach muscles while your doing the workout you will feel it so much more.

  21. Just got the ab glider assembled it and and put in the DVD and all was well until the seat snapped like a twig almost immediately. I weight 250lb and its suppose to go up to a 300lb. support. Anyways the machine itself is well built until it comes to the seat. Why not a metal framed seat since everything else is metal and sturdy. Will be taking it back to the store for a refund if the hotline doesn’t send me a new seat. Don’t feel like re-assembling the whole thing over a seat.

  22. Just bough our Ab Flider from walmart tonight. took about 20 minutes to put together (just need a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench and its easy). Came with 2 dvds, a healthy eating guide and everything but the wrench to put it together. Overall feels like a good machine for the money and it is DEFINITELY a workout. even a workout for me, (4 years in the corps). Definitely works your arms. I got it for my wife who wanted something she could do while the kids are asleep in the house without getting embarrassed at the gym. Recommended so far.

  23. The Ab Glider is a very good machine for the money. I use an ab coaster at the gym, and this machine actually works more areas of the body. The assembly was very easy. I had it put together in about 30 minutes. I would recommend if you are just starting out to watch how many reps you are actually doing. The machine is so smooth that you could over do it very easily. I found the DVD’s to be informative, but as you progress, you can develop your own routine. I am very pleased with my purchase.

  24. Just bought the Proform Ab Glider today. It took about 30 minutes to put together. Not hard at all, just follow the directions. The CDs were very helpful. I recommend watching them first. It will motivate you and you can see how easy it really is. Although it feels easy it sure puts a hurt on your abs. Wow. I’m really looking forward to seeing the results.

    Has anyone had results from the ab glider yet?

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