Dynatrainer Review

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Are you spending lots of time on working out the abs and seeing absolutely no results? Well, the new age Dynatrainer can be really helpful, unlike the other ineffective abs machine available.

How does Dynatrainer Work

Basic crunches for abs can pertain to neck and back pain with chances of having injury to those areas. That is why there are lots of abs focusing machines that help in easing out the process. But the truth is these machines just try to sell on the easy nature of their use whereas behind the scenes they also can strain the neck and back or be useless towards getting a shredded abs altogether.

Dynatrainer comes into the picture for people who are not seeing results using new age machines and would prefer traditional crunches. It is a revolutionary support trainer that helps in reducing the strain during crunches and burn more calories without using any huge assembled equipment. The idea behind Dynatrainer was to provide both active and passive exercises for the abs region for more visible results. Dynatrainer is a short form of Dynamic Assisted Training, which provides support like a personal instructor to provide dynamic movement. The Dynatrainer system makes it easier for anyone to perform the exercises regularly and more importantly in the right way.

Dynatrainer consists of two parts, first one being the pad that is to be applied on the abs region for stability and connection to the main Dynatrainer unit. The self-adhesive pad is connected to the trainer unit which can control the amount of sit-ups to be done with options of manual and automatic workout modes. The unit has LCD display that shows all the selected mode information and also can be put to hands-free mode on the push of a simple button.

The user-friendly Dynatrainer consists of total 20 boost levels to go from amateur to hardcore body builders. Dynatrainer is most effective in taking the strain and pain off by assisting while performing the exercises anywhere due to its compact size. It can also be used to assist while performing leg raises, which makes it a complete exercise equipment that you must own!




What do I get?

  • 1 Dyna Trainer unit
  • 1 self-adhesive pad
  • 1 wire for connecting the electrodes to the Dyna Trainer

All this for just 49.95 €. Official website ISLSHOP.TV



Dynatrainer Video

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