DoD Fitness Review

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What is DoD Fitness?

DoD Fitness claims to be a set of fitness tools that are designed to assist people while working out. DoD Fitness promises to help ease pressure points related to performing exercises that are associated with yoga, Pilates and physical therapy that put a lot of pressure on the secondary parts of the body. DOD Fitness states to eliminate the stress on the wrists, knees and neck to support different positions formed in these workouts, so that anyone can perform these workouts without pain or stress.


How does DoD Fitness work ?

DoD Fitness states that its Do or Die motto is the idea behind its range of foamy tools that reduces discomfort. DoD Fitness asserts that it is very comfortable as it is made from foam that holds its shape when not under pressure. When pressed upon it creates a cushioning effect on the part it is placed under. This way anyone using DoD Fitness can allegedly get instant relief from the stress. Plus DoD Fitness tools are guaranteed to provide amazing relief because they are designed as per the part of the body and not in one-design-suits-all parts easily. DoD Fitness tools claim to be designed by consulting professional bio-mechanists, kinesiologists, orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors.

Protect the Knees
DoD Fitness assures anyone with discomfort in knee that they can perform all their workouts easily with the Knee Donuts. The ingenious design of the DoD Fitness Knee Donuts is asserted to be great because it never lets the kneecap touch the ground. It reduces and eliminates the knee discomfort especially in a weight bearing position by providing a strong and structural support to the kneecaps.


Reduce stress on the wrist
DoD Fitness guarantees to help anyone who has a wrist injury or feels tightening of wrists while performing workouts. This is possible due to DoD Fitness Wrist Wedges design that is declared to be ergonomically designed for weight bearing exercise. The design changes the angle of wrist during weight bearing workouts so that the hand is positioned in a supportive and comfortable position.


No pain in the neck
DoD Fitness proclaims that its Neck Circle is perfect to support the neck from strain and stress exerted while performing the most common of exercises that include a lot of lying and stretching. This happens so because the head is not in an ideal position while such workouts are performed. DoD Fitness Neck Circle alleges to correct the arc of the neck so that the cervical spine does not exert a lot of stress and pressure. It is stated that DoD Fitness tools can be used by personal trainers to help their clients and also can help people to perform workout at home.


What do I get

  • DOD Knee Donuts (Blue or Red) for $19.99 + $5.95 p&h
  • DOD Neck Circle (Blue or Red) for $9.99 + $5.95 p&h
  • DOD Wrist Wedges (Blue or Red) for $19.99 + $5.95 p&h
  • Combo Three Pack (Knee Donuts + Neck Circle + Wrist Wedges) $44.99 + $5.95 p&h.

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