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What is Cycle Tone Pro?

It’s an exercise bike that claims to blend the best of both- manual and technical features to make workouts convenient and effective. Cycle Tone Pro offers to help you perform your workout on the lines of Active Sitting, which involves being seated on an exercise bike and yet exercise by getting your abs and stomach muscles to be toned while steadying your core and back.


Cycle Tone Pro CLAIMS

A New Way to Workout – The promoters of Cycle Tone Pro claim that it provides a low-impact yet high power workout which also shapes legs, back, bottoms and abdominals effectively.
No Hassles of Slogging – Working out on Cycle Tone Pro involves no gruelling workout sessions that drain you out. Rather, Cycle Tone Pro facilitates sitting on its padded seat comfortably, which ensures you don’t feel exhausted as you normally do. The design and construction of Cycle Tone Pro has been created to make you get the best results without feeling sapped.
Engages the Core – One of the highlights of using Cycle Tone Pro is that it engages your core while you perform workouts, targeting other areas. Cycle Tone Pro makes the core and back stay steady, which is known to lead to great results. Further, Cycle Tone Pro is projected as an equipment that suits people of all ages. This equipment thus exerts no undue stress and yet really works.

Cycle Tone Pro Questions and Answers

Q. What is the maximum weight limit of Cycle Tone Pro?
A. Approximately 135 kg.

Q.Is Cycle Tone Pro manual or electric?
A. It is manual as it has an electronic display to view data like distance, etc. but the machine is not electrically powered and can be used without electricity, so it’s not entirely electric.

Q. Can Cycle Tone Pro be moved around easily?
A. It is rather lightweight and has two wheels in the front, so it is easy to shift it anywhere.

Q. Please specify the minimal inside leg length of Cycle Tone Pro. My height is only 5`1.5” so
would it be suited to me?
A. Worry not; since your height is 5’1.5” this equipment is perfect for you.
Q. How long are the resistance bands of Cycle Tone Pro? I am 6’2 , so is it long enough for me to do shoulder press comfortably?
A. Yes, you can perform shoulder presses easily this machine.

Q. is the Cycle Tone Pro unit available  with resistance bands?
A. Yes.
Q. Does Cycle Tone Pro need to be assembled?
A. No, it is delivered pre-assembled.
Q. Can I know the the overall dimensions of Cycle Tone Pro?
A. Here are the readings:
28 inches long
15 inches wide
32 inches to top of saddle at lowest setting.

Q. Do the peddles of Cycle Tone Pro come with straps to keep feet securely in place?
A. No, since you have to move around, straps are not needed for it.

Cycle Tone Pro Reviews

Jeffery Coleman, a fitness expert who bought Cycle Tone Pro has written in his review that he found it easy to set up and initially it seemed the perfect addition to his personal gym. However, in due course, he noticed that the quality of Cycle Tone Pro was not up to the mark. After a few weeks for 30 minutes every day, he noticed that the right peddle of Cycle Tone Pro was ‘cross threading’, and it also became very noisy. Its seat was also not steady. As a result, he’s now started using other exercise equipment  and isn’t too excited about Cycle Tone Pro anymore.

Harvey Vargas, another customer who purchased Cycle Tone Pro also echoes similar observations in his review. He's very disappointed with the Cycle Tone Pro bike as it doesn’t seem to suit him as he's over 5 feet 10 inches. He doesn’t find the resistance of Cycle Tone Pro particularly tough even at the top either . As for the resistance bands, he says that though the booklet says one can perform shoulder presses and overhead triceps extensions with it, they are actually not long enough for them.

Bianca Bullock is of the opinion that Cycle Tone Pro is a well-designed bike one can count on. She likes the fact that Cycle Tone Pro is compact and lightweight and so can be moved around easily. However, she is not very satisfied with the location of dial and the quality of the pedometer. Other than that, she says she's ok with Cycle Tone Pro.


What do I get?
Cycle Tone Pro with Dumbbells for £129.99 + S/h.

3 thoughts on “Cycle Tone Pro REVIEWS, COMPLAINTS and FAQs

  1. My cycle tone, which I have had for 6 months, is now not working as the belt on the inside has now shredded and needs a replacement. Where can I get a replacement?

  2. After less than six months use, the right hand pedal arm as come very loose, on removal for inspection it shows that the square hole that fits onto the cycle has worn and makes it difficult to pedal. My question is , can replacements be bought such as a new arm?. I f so where from?

  3. The right pedal of the cycle tone is so loud that I need to wear ear phones.
    The bike also makes a lot of noise as it it were riding up a very hilly roller coaster. This bike was good for about 6 months when this all happened.
    Sad thing is that it is still under manufacturer warranty but no one calls me back to help me.

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